Yes, money can be a key measure of success!

Barely a news bulletin goes by without more financial bad news or job losses. With so many negative issues of money in the news these days, it is not surprising that you are seriously worried about your financial future and the affect it may have on your life.

However, it is good not put too much importance on money itself as it shouldn’t be the main aim for happiness. Instead, focusing on money should be to allow you the means with which to find true happiness or follow your intended purpose in life.

In my interview with Debbie Allen, international business speaker and the author of the smash-hit Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters, she shared an amazing perspective about money.

Allen said, “I believe that success is whatever you want it to be for you. Whether that is to be very wealthy, whether that is to have a life of balance and happiness, whatever success you achieve is determined in your mind as what’s successful.

But what I also discovered is that success is having enough money so you don’t have to worry about things. And that’s why people want to be very successful. I mean you want to get to the point where if you really want true happiness in your life, if you have financial freedom and prosperity, you cannot only have the things that you want that might make you happier, but you can give back, too.

And when you realize that you want to make more money to give back to people and give back to the universe, and you have that way of doing things, more starts coming to you.”

All too often it is easy to get caught up in chasing the wrong goals and the pursuit of money is so often involved. Money is undoubtedly important but it is the freedom and opportunities that money allows that should be the major issue, not the pursuit and obtainment of money alone.

Recognizing the level of good that can come from the opportunities that money allows should help free you from the idea that money is happiness. Money can help make your life happier. But the ability to do good for numerous people, perhaps even whole communities, with money is the thing that should make pursuing money a key objective for you and a key measure of success.

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Mohamed Tohami is the author of the internationally highly acclaimed book “The Pharaohs’ Code: Creating a Joyful Life and a Lasting Legacy”. He helps unfulfilled professionals transform their lives from making a living to making a difference.

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