You want to transform your life? Try guided meditation. Why? To transform your life, you must first change your thoughts and that’s the rub – how to change your thoughts from what is not working to what is…and again I answer with guided meditation.

Guided meditation helps create the space within yourself to identify thoughts that are not working and replacing them with new thought patterns that enhance your life. Meditation isn’t a quick fix, but a foundation for real transformation

Several years ago I went to a lecture by Marianne Williamson. A person in the audience wanted her guidance on why her life wasn’t getting any better. This person had struggled with eating disorders and depression in the past, but she just couldn’t quite find her way out. Williamson asked her what she was doing to help herself. The woman responded with, “I go to therapy and have asked God to help me.”

Williamson responded, “Not enough.” I was stunned. Then Williamson continued, “If you had a failing liver, you would be taking medicines every day, where is your medicine for your ailment today? Not a once a week plan, but every day? Changing your life isn’t something you do a couple times a week, but every day.” Williamson suggested specific prayer (she’s a proponent of A Course In Miracles) and meditation as a place to start.

I absolutely and whole-hearted agree with Williamson – transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but as a result of many steps. This is not to say transformation is difficult as much as it is a habit – some habits are easier than others to change. To change a habit, first identify something to replace it with. For instance, you’ll see a lot of quitting smokers chewing gum.

For many people, their bad habit is how they are thinking about themselves or life, i.e. I’m unlovable or life is unfair, there’s never enough money. Both these thoughts cripple the individual and manifest incident after incident in their own lives to valid these negative beliefs. So like the smoker that quits cigarettes, one must quit negative thinking, but what to replace it with? Guided meditation allows you to replace negative thought patterns with ones of success and peace.

Try falling asleep to guided meditation and discover for yourself how these new ideas slip into your dreams and your language easily and effortlessly. Whenever I am needing a little extra support I listen to I Meet Success or I am Safe. Guided Meditation has transformed my life, how ‘bout you?

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Kelly Ballard is an Intuitive Life Coach. Through
workshops, private sessions, mentoring programs and meditations, Kelly is your guide to personal transformation, helping you to release blocks and experience your most abundant and prosperous life today. To learn more about her services and CDs, please visit her web site.