In life some people appear lucky. In Feng Shui it often
appears as if things happen by magic for some.
Co-incidences seemly appear from nowhere.

You're thinking about a new direction for your business and
you just happen to be introduced to the perfect person to
help you move in that direction. It's tempting to say
“what a co-incidence, I was just thinking about that”.
When it happens to someone else you might say “They are
always lucky”.

Co-incidence? Naturally lucky? I don't think so. I see
it as putting out some energy and then being open to
synchronicity. And, once you start noticing it - it's
everywhere. In Feng Shui you set your intention, anchor
that in your environment with an enhancement, and then
your job is to get out of your own way and be open to the
messages and synchronicity that are occurring around you.

The Helpful People area of the Bagua is a favorite of mine.
Chance meetings, helpful people appearing from nowhere -
just waiting for your energy to reach out. It occurs in all
areas of the Bagua, and all parts of your life.

In his book “Luck Factor” Dr Richard Wiseman writes
that it’s not magic that is responsible for good or bad
fortune, but your own ways of thinking and behaving. Why
do some people appear consistently lucky and others
consistently unlucky?

Wiseman came up with 4 main principles that characterize
lucky people:

1. Lucky people are skilled at creating, noticing and
acting on chance opportunities

2. They make effective decisions by paying attention to
their intuition and gut feelings

3. They are sure the future is going to be full of good

4. They employ various psychological techniques to cope
with, and even thrive upon, the ill fortune that comes
their way

As to why lucky people encounter so many chance
opportunities, Wiseman conducted an experiment.

He gave newspapers to equal numbers of people who
considered themselves lucky, and those who considered
themselves unlucky, and asked them to count how many photos
were inside.

The unlucky people took about 2 minutes to count the
photos, while lucky people took only a few seconds. This
was because on Page 2 there was a message that read, “Stop
counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper”.
The words were in large print and took up half the page but
the unlucky people didn’t tend to see them. They also
missed the message in the middle of the page telling them
to stop counting, to win $700.

For sure some things happen purely by chance - but if you
are the sort of person who consistently encounters bad
luck, you have to ask yourself why this is happening.

You CAN improve your luck. Here are some tips to help you
increase synchronicity and make the most of it when it

1. Get very clear about your intention and create
environments that inspire you. Surround yourself with
what you need to work your best – a clutter free
environment, music, inspiring people.

2. Be open to new experiences

3. Build your intuitive abilities by clearing your mind
of other thoughts - for example, meditating, journaling,
and trusting your intuition and acting on it.

4. Even in the face of failure, see it as part of the
process. Often when you look back you can see how that
experience was a necessary part of your journey. If you
resist your experiences it makes it more difficult to move
on. It is easier to embrace them when you know there is a
reason, even if you can’t see it right now.

5. Don't dwell on ill fortune - take control of the

6. Work with a coach - it will help you make the most of
your experiences - the good and the seemly bad. You will
be amazed at what is going on in your life once you tune

These are the actions lucky people take - how about you?

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