Master Lin Yun, founder of Black Hat Tibetan Feng Shui, has
stated that making Feng Shui enhancements without
intention, is only 10% effective. However, add intention
and you'll get a 120% improvement!

If you listen to successful people talk about what makes
them successful, one of the elements is being clear about
what they want. And it's not just a vague idea, like to be
happy, or to be wealthy. Their goals are SMART goals, they
are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and
Timely. So, what's the outcome you are going for? How
will you know when you reach it?

Everything around you affects you. Whether it's a pile
of clutter, a relationship that is dragging you down, or a
broken doorbell - everything is part of what you are
creating, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Learning about Feng Shui will give you a heightened
awareness of how you interrelate with everything in your
environment. That's quite a responsibility. So, the
question becomes - do you want to go through your life
hoping things work out, or do you want to design a
fulfilling and passionate life for yourself? Do you want
to be the cause or the effect?

Applying Feng Shui with intention will set your life on an
altered course. You're making a commitment - it's
powerful. I've seen clients begin Coaching, or Feng Shui,
feeling stuck in an aspect of their lives, and within one
week had several options magically open up to them. They
unleashed a series of opportunities and opened up a pipeline
to possibility. It's also about focus. What you focus on
expands, and when you move from focusing on feeling stuck,
to a wider view of focusing on outcomes, the Universe steps
in to support you.

And why not go for some BHAGs? they are Big, Hairy,
Audacious Goals. Live your life as a daring adventure.
You have the opportunity to create whatever you choose for
Your life, so think big!

The clearer you are about what you're choosing to create,
the greater the chance of having what you want, and the
more effective the Feng Shui. Clearing clutter, or placing
enhancements with intention is extremely powerful. It's
the difference between making a 10% improvement or making a
120% improvement.

Maximizing the Power of Your Enhancements

Use these tools to create an environment of success that
will support powerful outcomes for yourself. Make your
self a priority and design the life of your dreams.

1. Get clear and very specific about your desired outcome,
and write this down.

2. Remove the clutter and clean the area.

3. Choose an enhancement - something that represents the
change you would like to create, and place it in the
appropriate area of your home or room.

For a visual representation of the Bagua Map and how to
find where different aspects of your life are represented
in your home go to:

4. Visualize or imagine your outcome as if it’s already
happened - how does it feel?

5. Speak your desired outcome out loud, in the present
tense. Always add, 'this or something better, for the
Highest Good now occurs'. An example is: “I now have 2 new
clients who are a perfect fit for me. This or something
better, for the Highest Good now occurs”.

6. Start taking action towards your outcome.

Sometimes your Higher Power, sees a much bigger picture
than you do, so don't place any limitations on what you
might receive.

Feng Shui will move you towards the next step in designing
your life.

© 2003, Vicky White. All rights reserved. May be
duplicated with attribution and copyright notice intact.

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Vicky White is the go-to-gal when it comes to Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction. With her expertise and gentle nature, she helps women feel empowered and clear about what they're doing in their lives - even during difficult transition periods. Get her free report, "The 5 Biggest Attraction Mistakes: and How You Can Avoid them" and see what manifests in your life!