Have you gotten to the point in life yet where you understand the connection between “your story” and your life experiences?

What I mean by your story is the constant telling of your life experiences. When you sit down for coffee with friends what do you talk about? What do you tell people over and over again?

This is very important now that the new year has come. We all get excited about a new year and new possibilities, expecting things to be radically different. For some the year follows that way, for others it’s a repeat of the last show.

The story you tell is packed with passionate energy, creating more of what you are feeling. It’s not just the telling, it’s the energy you put into the energy.

Have you ever noticed how when you are angry or frightened things seem to fall into place quickly?
The reason for this is the high level of energy you are infusing with the thoughts and feelings.

Get to the place in the telling of your life experiences that you are infusing thoughts with excitement, expectation and joy. This is the stuff dreams are created with.

Your story builds on itself with each telling. Whether the story is one of accomplishment or failure, it’s all about you and the energy you pack into each punch of telling it.

Have you ever met a rich person who talks about being poor, a well person who talks about being sick?

Of course not.

In my coaching others I often here statements such as; I have ———- name the dis-ease here. I am
depressed, ill, poor, drowning in this relationship, etc.

With each of these I Am statements you proclaim this to be true in your life and you will continue to attract situations to prove this truth in your life.

State out loud and notice the difference in feeling, I am worried that I will not have enough money. How does that feel?

Now state I am excited to experience abundance and joy in every area of my life.

By playing around with I Am statements you will pick up on the difference in the feeling of the words and the energy behind them.

If you are experiencing sickness, rather that stating I am sick, bring it up a notch in vibration to I am currently experiencing _______________. This will pass.

It’s hard for most people to go from a mindset of being sick, poor, miserable, depressed, etc to being happy in a single swoop of words and emotions.
I suggest that you play around with I Am statements raising the vibrations of your description of your current situation until you feel in a better place.

As you move up the scale of better feeling by better telling of your story, life around you will begin to shift.
Pay attention to the shifts of energy and move with them. It’s all about you and the story you are telling yourself, so tell a story you want to live with.. because you will live with it.

Author's Bio: 

Donna DeVane is a certified Spiritual life coach and energy healer. Her work includes classes and ebooks on healing and empowering your life using stones, crystals and energy work.
Donna also creates unique gemstone jewelry to enhance healing and bring balance to the wearer. For more information on her products and services visit healing-with-stones-crystals.com.

For ebooks on healing your life visit secretdesigncreations.com.