As individuals, energy is crucial in our daily activities and their sources are very important. For many people, just about any sort of food will do. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see a lot of people eating junk foods at some point in time. However, for someone who wants to live well and healthily, this cannot be a permanent part of your lifestyle. The foods we take in are largely responsible for our total well being. For someone who eats anything without any concern for his health, it is likely that while he looks good on the outside, his “insides” are suffering from the gradual poisoning caused by the kinds of foods he’s been eating.

People with unhealthy eating habits often look fat, have a ton of calories in their bodies, have high sugar levels in the blood stream and lastly, often development ailments such as heart disease. Some of the foods frequently eaten by these people often include high GI value carbohydrates. Carbs with high glycemic index often have lesser fibers, more sugar, and finally causes an unhealthy increase in weight. But, if you do not belong to the group of people who eat just about anything or are thinking about stopping that kind of habit, then you need to fill your body with low to medium GI value carbs.

Carbohydrates with lower GI values –often less than 70- are healthier, have more fiber, gradually supply the needed glucose to the blood stream thus reducing the amount of sugar in the blood stream, do not easily convert to fat because of the slow rate of metabolism, reduce the incidence of constipation and finally, decreases the chances of heart diseases, diabetes and related ailments happening. People who adhere to this diet often live long and stay lean.

Most healthy starchy carbohydrates are found in whole grains and potatoes. Some of the whole grain foods include noodles, rice and pasta. These are the body’s major energy source and are often originally in the forms of barley, rye, wheat and corn. These are not only very good sources of carbohydrates, they are also rich in fiber.

Therefore, when they are taken, they fill up gradually, filling the stomach with fibers. The fibers are responsible for drastically reducing the frequency of hunger pangs in an individual which is in the first place responsible for excess food intake and consequently, increase in weight. For optimum results, unrefined carbohydrates are the very best. This is because they contain not just fibers but also the germ and bran. The processed and refined grains often have a lot of their fibers removed during the process of refinement.

Potatoes are also another healthy group of starchy carbohydrates. They rich in fibers, have little or no fats and contain both vitamins and minerals. The best results however, are gotten from the sweet and white potatoes.

These foods are some of the best starchy carbohydrates available for those who want to keep the fat off or stay healthy without necessarily compromising their carbohydrate intake.

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