Your desire is what motivates you. It drives the search, to bring into your life what you feel,think or hope will make it better. It can manifest in many ways and at a variety of levels, from something as simple as the desire for chocolate or a holiday in the sun to finding your soul mate or losing yourself in the ecstasy of an experience of reunion with infinite Oneness.

Whatever level you experience it at, it is a feeling of being pulled towards something higher and more. In fact what you are looking for is connection to the richness of Being. We all seek Soul. At those rare and precious moments when we connect with Soul we feel happy because we are tapping into an infinite wellspring from which springs our highest and truest Being. There is a feeling of “I’m home” where desires simply dissolve in a complete sense of satisfaction, fullness, contentment and peace. It is a moment of ‘no time’, an infinite ‘now’. To a Soul, the only real time is right NOW, the present moment. Soul lives and communicates through connecting deeply with the rich experience of each moment. It is that experience of being lost in a breathtakingly beautiful sunset, an ‘aha!’ moment when the metaphor of the Soul suddenly speaks a thousand words and an instant surrender to truth and transformation occurs……

I remember one such occasion when I was doing a dynamic meditation one day and suddenly‘found’ myself on a magic carpet, as it were. On the carpet was a nest of eggs. The moment it came to my attention I immediately started to cry. Now you may be wondering why I would cry over a nest of eggs? Let me explain. In fact it had triggered a re-experiencing of my own unresolved grief about not being able to have any more children since I had been diagnosed with cervical cancer (which had required drastic surgery) some years before. As I continued to focus inwardly the eggs then suddenly seemed to hatch and out popped what I can only describe as ‘little angel children’ that promptly flew up to heaven with the message that they were waiting for me there.

Now you may think I am crazy and I am not about to engage in any debate about that but suffice it to say that whatever remaining grief I had instantly dissolved right there and then into a complete sense of wholeness and inner peace. And it didn’t even need to have made any logical sense!

We work hard to build defences, to prove to the world that we are strong and not vulnerable. At least our sense of self does … what we often call our ego, or personality … who we generally believe ourselves to be. We say, “I am strong. I can carry on” when we really are covering up a fear that we are weak and might collapse. Yet in truth we are strong but not in the usual sense of the word ….. rather at a much deeper level where strength is an essential quality of being where ‘nothing can touch you’ because you are already essentially part of everything and boundless.

It is our so-called personality, identity or ego that believes it is a concrete boundaried entity that therefore needs to be protected from external threat. So we find ourselves constantly on high alert (as if our very survival depended on it) for instances of criticism, judgement, rejection and abandonment. We work hard to build defences and we armour ourselves against possible attack. We try to prove to ourselves and the world that we are loving and loveable because we are afraid that we are not. We search for meaning and purpose, to ‘know’ the answers, to make sense of it all because we are afraid that otherwise we might be nothing.

Ego existence is an existence based on fear and being driven to find safety through control,manipulation and pushing away the things we don’t desire, the things we dislike or hate.

To access Soul requires taking the time to stop and reflect, opening to the NOW with focused attention. It means letting go of judgement, almost disengaging the mind and allowing yourself to witness in a detached kind of way, what unfolds in your inner world. It is a process of surrendering to Soul in trust and openness.With guidance and support you can learn how to become less attached to personal identity to not be so easily swayed by its grosser fears, angers and passions. When we become able to look at things from a different and wider perspective we become able to tether it and not let it run wild and we then open the door to a deep experiencing of a greater underlying unity.

"When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so
long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see
the ones which open for us." --- Alexander Graham Bell

Focusing on the open door invites us on a journey that can leave us with a deep knowing of the perfection of things, even when they are going wrong. We realize that everything is interconnected, even when we are caught in conflict because who we are is actually much bigger then the person we have taken ourselves to be.

The game is up on ego. A spontaneous generosity of spirit replaces a life based on fear, lack and need. We develop a playful attitude to the strange habits and bundle of thoughts we generally call ‘me'.It is a dual state of being, both limitless and limited.We can experience ourselves as peaceful, limitless, free and at the same time remain fully involved in the events of our personal lives. Thoughts, fears, and desires still come and go;life is still characterized by trials, challenges, misfortunes, and stress. But problems also can be seen as an invitation to go inside to recognize a bigger picture of ourselves and of life.

Our personal story is capable of reflecting the light of something much more vast and deep and this can shine right through and work to dissolve our attachment to expectation,
disappointment and pain.

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Joy is passionate about sharing the insights and experiences of her journey to freedom, with the world both in her speaking engagements and in her private practice. Her focus on Spiritual Growth, Healing and Fun is characterised by a fascinating blend of ancient and modern holistic and psychological approaches together with a wide experience of life and includes dynamic interactive meditation, creative coaching, visualisation, mindfulness, sacred clowning, energy therapies and inner spiritual adventures. In a flowing dynamic surrender to our Source of Being, Joy 'dances' with the inner wisdom of her clients through a gentle non-invasive soul searching experience, working at the deepest level, to facilitate an opening for self-healing to occur towards true, joyful awakening - for many a truly transformational experience.