It takes a great deal of strength to learn from our mistakes. Usually because we don't want to realise that they were mistakes in the first place!

Many of us cannot stand the thought of being incorrect in our judgement. It hurts - our pride and our sense of value.

Of course many readers of this blog will be schooled in observing their issues and have learned to sidestep and release inner fears and blocks. Yet deep down we still fear being wrong.

Much of this fear, many of us know, comes from childhood when experiences hurt our sense of self-esteem.

Yet, what about when the idea of 'god' is terribly wrong?

Not only is our childhood conditioning at stake - but one can suddenly be viewing the whole of humanity's perspective as old fashioned and absolutely delusional.

Being wrong is one thing - being so off track that the whole of humanity has swallowed a story that has little if no substance is something else altogether.

Let's look at 'god' as a point of focus.

Is there such a thing? Really?

In many of the ancient cultures there are many gods - many aspects of 'god', many personalisations of 'god'. In the Judeo-Christian religion there is portrayed one 'god' as also in several of the other main religions.

Yet above, below and beyond all portayals is something else. And here is where our description begins to get interesting.... hold onto your hat!

Beyond all of these former descriptions is a multi-layered hierarchy of consciousness, both individuated as well as unified. The number of consciousnesses within this multi-tiered system is too vast to begin to quantify.

Here is the point: There is no such thing as 'god'.... there is simply an exponential number of beings - too many to package neatly - all moving within a fluid hierarchy of knowledge, learning, symbiosis and mutual support. The system is phenomenally complex and structured. To simply pop the term 'god' onto all this is incredibly naive and terribly distanced from the truth.

Once there is even a small awareness of this hierarchy, you can immediately make use of its power, its support and its constant nature - it is CONTANTLY available to you.

The term 'god' distances a person from this immediate support. It places a label and conceptualises something erroneously. Bluntly speaking the term 'god' is way off the mark.

Yet that is so controversial! To say there is no 'god' turns people's lives upside down. Yes there is a benevolent force - and no it is not one single thing.

Yes there is a quantum field, a zero point field backgrounding physical reality - and no that is not 'god' either! That is simply a part of the collective field of many consciousnesses that exist in higher planes, interconnecting with this one!

All energy is conscious. The quantum field has consciousness. It holds the fields of a multitude of spirit beings who support and mentor the physical dimension.

So perhaps you are beginning to view the term 'god' a little differently.

You may be wanting to ask: what about the ultimate background energy - the ultimate highest being?

Aha! You may think this is a tricky question...

The ultimate being, or highest possible being in this entire hierarchy does not exist. There IS no ultimate highest being. There is a constantly renewing birthing of higher beings. As beings enter into this particular multi-dimensional universe, they explore its specific and unique dynamic of duality of 'light' and 'dark'. Its exploration of 'will' and 'joy'.

They discover their learning curves, gather power and knowledge and grow to another level of love and joy. They move out of this 'game', this multi-tiered universe and search for another 'game' or universe - another set of learning curves.

Eventually this constant change of the guard, (where lower beings learn higher love, and higher beings mentor those below, then search for a new area of learning,)- eventually this exploration dynamic moves into higher and higher planes of existance.

There is no one supervisor! This is the spectacular thing! Multi-universes - unlimited games of consciousness have been devised to provide this ever expanding exploration of love.

We, here on Earth, happen to be within one of the lower universes - where games are being played within thick, obstructive, non-responsive fields of energy. Where the fields are infused with restriction, designed to promote depth of 'choice' - the ability to decide what you want. This is the fastest way to build power - 'character building' you could say.

So 'god' as a 'thing' does not exist. When we meditate and feel the deep stillnes of mind, and feel love and bliss - that is not 'god' either. That is simply the relaxation of our energy fields allowing in more light from the surrounding fields of higher spirit mentors. This, of course, is a very smart thing to do regularly - because it increases your intelligence, makes you happier, and more evolved more quickly.

'God' it can be said is within 'everything' - like nature, like joy, like beauty. Indeed that is what is being recognised as what we term 'primal force' - yet what we are truly perceiving is actually the spirit world beaming its love through the matrix of the physical 'movie'. The 'energy' of the love-filled beings (devas) shines and impulses us with their love and consciousness through nature.

So is that all there is? A huge crowd of spirit beings overseeing each other's progress and loving and supporting each other?

That is correct. A mass of consciousness -es. Many - and all as one. One field - yet all exploring within that one field.

If this has got you thinking - I'm pleased!

With love for you as you learn your life's empowerment...

Alicia Power

Author's Bio: 

Alicia Power is an experienced international Spiritual Advisor (33 years) and gifted intuitive.

Her clients include CEOs, lawyers, psychologists, educators, celebrities, community leaders and professionals in the US, UK, Indonesia, Singapore, Australasia and New Zealand.

Alicia is a feature writer for international spa and lifestyle magazines and is a regular guest on radio. She is also a passionate inspirational public speaker.