Everyone wants to lose weight, it seems; but, based on statistics, nobody seems to know how to do it. Over two-thirds of all Americans are overweight; and over 100-million Americans - one-third of the population - is actually considered, "obese." The only thing growing faster than America's waistline seems to be the diet and health industries who are telling us what to do in our "battle of the bulge." But, if they knew what they were talking about, wouldn't we be getting fitter instead of fatter?

Weight-loss is really pretty simple; but you have to let-go of some of your old ways of thinking if you want the weight-loss to be permanent. I lost 55-pounds without changing anything but my thoughts about food, fat, and weight. Sure, some of my behaviors changed automatically as my mindset changed; but, for the most part, I didn't actually "do" anything to make myself lose weight. I simply decided what I wanted to look like and focused on that image as I released any thoughts that didn't go along with it. Here is a list of Seven-Simple Steps you can take to easily and effortlessly lose weight:

Seven-Simple Steps for Weight-Loss:

1. Recognize the contrast between where you are and where you want to be. Specifically identify the "new" you, or "ideal" you.

2. Eliminate negativity, negative self-talk, fears, worries, doubts, and negative or self-limiting beliefs with EFT, or some other simple, clearing-technique.

3. Think positively and love yourself always. Think positive things about the food you eat. Do not fear food, or believe it will make you fat, and then eat it; or it will.

4. Hydrate yourself properly. Water is one of the great secrets to healthy, rapid, natural, and safe weight-loss. Water gives you a "full" feeling, and helps your body flush out toxins and fat, among other weight-loss benefits. I drink between two and three liters of water each day. Choose water over sugar and caffeine.

5. Breathe deeply, fully, and often. Oxygenate yourself properly; it takes oxygen to burn fuel - even body fat. The more you breathe the more fat you burn! Breathing also massages your abdominal organs and stimulates digestion.

6. Take walks, or do some other activity - outside (sunlight is good for you) - that is physical and you enjoy doing. Don't be afraid to be tired; do more today than you did yesterday if you want to do more tomorrow than you do today. Move your body and tell it that you are moving it so it can be strong and healthy.

7. Nourish yourself with healthy foods; but, no matter what you eat, love your food - bless it and ask your food for the strength and nourishment to do whatever you must do. Eat well; but eat consciously. And always enjoy your food; if you are feeling guilty, you are experiencing the stress response - and your food is being turned into fat...

Losing weight is simply, but it requires a decision, and continuous awareness in order to stick to that decision and make the best choices for you and your body, health, and life. Following these Seven-Simple Steps will take you to your goal; but, even if you can't follow them all, think about them all and try to implement as many as you can.

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