Seven years ago I read that pain will vanish or be reduced with a few minutes of EFT application. I suffered from excrutiating back pain due to an unfortunate accident that damaged my four lower vertebrae, L2 through L5-S1. On a crusade to find alternative pain management, I stumbled across EFT while surfing the internet for natural pain remedies.

I read through Gary Craig's 80 paged EFT manual word for word. I must admit that I scratched my head, thinking that the approach was a bit far-fetched. However, I was willing to try anything to break free from the use of pain medication.

I printed out the pages, tucked them under arm, and hid out in the bathroom. A safe place where I could tap, roll my eyes, and hum "Happy Birthday" without my wife dialing 911 suspecting that I had OD'ed on vicadin.

I discovered, to my great joy, that EFT works. Following, are the steps outlining the technique that I now use, as well as the one I use with clients who suffer from chronic pain.

1. Put an emotional label or name on your pain. Simply ask yourself who or what it represents. Usually, the first name that comes to mind is right on target. Go with it.

2. Before beginning this step, take a reading on your pain level so you can measure the outcome. Begin your tapping using the Basic Recipe. Be sure to include the name or label that you put on your pain in your Set-up phrase(s). Start your tapping with the Top of Head point and continue downward until ending with the Under the Arm point. Go immediately to Step 3. In steps 3 and 4, there is no verbalization, you only visualize and focus on the area of the pain.

3. Close your eyes; place your tongue gently to the roof of your mouth; and, visualize the main area of your pain as a glowing ember. (If the pain is spread out, pick the most severe point of the pain for your visualization). While doing this, quickly and continuously tap the Karate Chop point for approximately one to two minutes. Go immediately to Step 4 while continuing to do the visualization.

4. Tap gently (the area is prone to bruising), and rapidly on the Gamut point. Do this for another minute or two. Stop. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly. Take a reading on your pain status. Repeat the procedure until the pain subsides by 4 or more points or drops to a 1 or 2 level as rated by the SUD (subjective unit of distress). With chronic pain, a 1 or 2 level may well be all you will reach, but it is heaven compared to an 8 or 10.

If you do not achieve immediate results, be persistent. Results vary from one person to the next. With practice you should notice marked relief. Chronic pain is often the result of unresolved emotional issues and may require additional help.

As you practice this EFT protocol for chronic pain, you will find that doing Steps 3 and 4 may be all that you need to keep your pain in check. I include this every morning during my maintenance tapping routine.

This is pain relief at its best and it doesn't involve painful procedures or potentially dangerous drugs.

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Paul retired from the public schools as a result of his back injury. He is the founder and owner of Keene Health LLC, and uses EFT in his practice. Paul specializes in students with ADHD.

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