Find harmony in the pleasure of giving time to yourself. A part of giving is cleansing yourself of any person, place or thing that does not contribute to your new state of serenity and replenishment. Sometimes we need to make room for the new by letting go of the old. Sometimes we need to say goodbye, to let go of our old ways, old friends, old habits, old life, old beliefs and old thoughts. It is not easy.

A good gardener cuts the branches of a tree in winter to prepare for a fruitful spring. Sometimes God acts like our celestial gardener, pruning people, places and purpose to prepare us for a more abundant spring. Maybe a friend or relative with whom you would really enjoy sharing this pregnancy has past away, or moved away. Maybe there is someone, or some activities, or some place you wish could be still part of your life. Yet, you know that they are toxic to your present state. Yes, sometimes the process of letting go hurts a little or even a lot. Sometimes we must honor our tears, for they cleanse our soul. Tears are sacred.

Today, immerse yourself in water, and let go of all that no longer serves you. Close your eyes and imagine that long silver strands connect you to those people, places and things that are no longer acceptable in your life. Ask God to give you shears of light, and with loving thoughts begin to sever all ties that bind you to each and every person, place and thing that no longer works for you in your life. As you do this send forgiveness, love and good wishes, and let go of those ties peacefully.

You are protecting yourself and your child; you are making room. You might need to do this paring more then once before you can feel you have truly let go. Don’t fear. It is okay. Cutting ties with those who encumber you doesn’t mean you will never see these people again, never talk to them again. With this spiritual pruning you begin to learn to release the negative hold they have on you. You are making room for your baby, clearing away ties that shadow your life. Trust in God, the Celestial Gardener. He does not close a door unless another is ready to be opened.

Today’s Affirmation: Today, I will choose life, love and support. I will bless and let go of all that does not enhance my life!

Author's Bio: 

Giuditta Tornetta is a doula, a lactation educator, a hypnotherapist and author of the upcoming book: Joy In Birthing: Daily Inspirations for a Natural and Painless Childbirth. She has a private practice in Los Angeles and can be reached through her website at