The power of your mind for creating your experiences is amazing.
In order to use that power effectively, you need to be aware of
your typical thoughts. Do you find yourself talking and thinking
about what you don’t want and everything that is wrong in your life? If you want to make changes, use the power of affirmations to focus on what you DO want. This article uses the playful image of a Cosmic Kitchen- place your order, relax, and receive!

1. Be as specific as you can about what you want.
If you want a new career, include the details: the type of
work, the type of people you work with, your income, the location, and anything else important to you.

2. Cosmic Kitchen orders are placed using the present tense.
They are also positive and personal. State your affirmations as
though they have already happened. Say “I have…” I receive…”
"I am….” And so on. The Law of Attraction brings you what
you focus on. Write affirmations, read them, feel them, and choose to BELIEVE they will work.

3. Include words that convey energy and enthusiasm.
“It feels wonderful that….. I am so happy and excited to be….
It is fantastic to….” The more positive energy you can generate
with your affirmations, the more quickly they tend to manifest.
Change your thoughts and feelings—change your life.

4. Let go of your timeline and trust the Cosmic Chef to deliver
it at the right time. Cosmic orders may require different amounts of preparation. Some have many ingredients that must come together to complete the dish while others have only a few ingredients. Practice feeling a sense of trust. The stronger the feeling of trust, the more quickly the Chef can complete your order.

5. There are many ways you can receive your order- let the
Cosmic Chef decide the best way. Avoid “outlining,” which is
imagining how something might happen. The Chef always has
the best combination of ingredients to put together for your order.

6. Let your Inner Wisdom guide you in the balance between action
and allowing. When you meditate, ask for guidance in any action
you are to take to help the Cosmic Kitchen. Listen to that
Inner Wisdom. If something feels forced, back off.
Affirm that you are perfectly guided in ALL your activities.

7. Believe you deserve to have a wonderful life. Many people feel they are not entitled to health, wealth, happiness, and a wonderful relationship. The truth is, we are all deserving of all good, but others who didn’t feel worthy taught us something different.

8. Feel gratitude to the Universe and the Cosmic Chef for fulfilling your order(s) in the most miraculous way. Gratitude is a wonderful feeling at the heart level. It not only sends out positive energy around your affirmations, it also helps you with feeling the trust that it is already being taken care of. Every day take some time to make a gratitude list, either mentally or on paper. Cultivating the “attitude of gratitude” will create wonderful miracles in your life.

Practice these tips for creating powerful affirmations and you will find your heart's desires manifesting more quickly than ever before!

Author's Bio: 

Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D. is an author, speaker, and trainer. Her book, Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations, is available from her website or Amazon. Sign up for her 10 part e-course on affirmations at