Do you want to make a change? You can, and very easily too.

Did you know that your penmanship tells a lot about you? If you are flamboyant, your writing will be flamboyant also. If you draw within yourself, your writing will be small, self-contained.

Therefore, it stands to reason, if you change your penmanship, you will see corresponding changes in your life.

You've heard people say, "I want him to write the contract. He makes sure all the "i"s are dotted and "t"s are crossed!" That means a few things actually, that especially he is thorough and he is
conscientious. Have you ever seen a careless person's handwriting? Are the "t"s crossed exactly, barely, or not at all? Definitely NOT *exactly,* right?

So, if you want a change, I say, "Change!"

Now would be a great time to start! Every day -- starting today -- practice your writing and fill the whole page. Do this several times a day if you can.

Make sure there isn't a trace of your old handwriting -- just for this experiment. Of course, if you notice that things aren't going the way you want in your life -- and they started happening after you started this experiment -- adjust your writing to get on the right track.

Now, look at your penmanship. Is it large or small? Whichever it is, go for the opposite.

There are two things for you to remember that will help you write larger:

Every letter has to fill a certain space.

The lower case d, f, h, k, l, b all have to touch the top.

The q, y, p, g, j all have to go down at least a half a space.

The t has to go up just over a half a space.

All equally.

*** TIP *** If you are going to write smaller than you usually do, make sure every letter is thinner and shorter than the way you normally write.

Do this for fourteen days straight. At the end of fourteen days, look back and see what's changed. Do you like the change? If you do, keep the change in your handwriting. If you don't, adjust your handwriting, keeping in mind that what you see is what you are, and write with the adjustment for fourteen straight days. Test again.

*** TIP *** And, as long as you are writing anyway, why not write affirmations or something that you want to happen that day, or, if it's in the evening, the next day. Make sure to write only
good things. Don't write what you don't want to happen, like *I don't want to mess up at work.* Make sure there is no *not* in any of the sentences. Like *I'm NOT going to eat dessert.* Or *I'm NOT going to smoke.* Write only good things. *I work really well with my co-workers.* *Today (or tomorrow) is going to be a good day.* *I am very happy.* *I am very successful.* *I eat only good foods.*

When you affirm the good things in your life, you attract more good things. When you affirm them in your mind AND write them down, you attract them even faster. Good luck!

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