Are you a business owner, solopreneur, network marketer, sales executive, or even working at a career or job? How many people do you know that are "reading" about the Laws of Attraction, and talking about the Laws of Attraction - and wanting to create six figure to multimillion dollar incomes - and yet are stuck, frustrated, stressed, and generally in lack?

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you are totally alone - chasing after your financial freedom or dream business? Do you believe that wealth creation is exhausting, not inspiring and meaningful?

Do you ever find yourself frustrated from spinning your wheels and not having much to show for it? Well, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there - trying too hard, having too much going on at once, and doing too much. What I really needed was a clear perspective - and to SIMPLIFY my focus so I could maximize my results. I’m an Intuitive Business Coach who works with smart but overwhelmed business owners and individuals to dramatically increase focus, energy, profitability, and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Are you ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat of an Accelerated Vehicle to your business, network marketing, or Sales and marketing success? For the past fourteen years, I've been facilitating personal and professional breakthroughs for people, and startling ones at that - from helping someone attract a million dollars in three months, to helping someone else achieving a 60K income from scratch in four months, to having a client appear on PBS Miracle Cures for the healing of an incurable injury.

I want to share with you three secrets that I've learned for myself (and then passed on to my clients) that have shifted them out of their struggle, to create a profound and sudden breakthrough in their finances or whatever "obstacle" they were facing. I showed them what I had learned - what it feels like to LIVE in your dream - to actually experience your success, not just wish it would happen.

I know firsthand that the three step process below is powerful beyond what you can imagine if you really do it and apply it. I have witnessed profound breakthroughs -incredible significant leaps out of “stuck” into new freedom from using this simple process. And I want to share with you that no matter where you find yourself at this very second, right in this moment you can INSTANTLY begin to turn your business around by shifting how you focus your mindset, by working with these three concise steps to get you focused in the right Attraction direction.

Ask yourself, “What do I want to be Living and Experiencing in my Life in the Next Six Months?” Here are three of the Top Secrets that most people do not understand, which blocks them from seeing the Law of Attraction manifest their desired results.

1. Clarity of Intent
Get clear - Crystal Clear - about what you INTEND to experience. “If I could really experience a radical breakthrough in my business – one that made me feel energized and excited – what would that look like?”

For business clients, that means doing some strategic introspection, and really "looking" at what you have in your life, versus what you WANT in your life and business. It means scripting your desires so that they represent a clear upgrade. My clients are astounding individuals who come to me for the mentoring and skill-building to help them stay focused and excited about this step.

Scripting your desires would mean that after you finish reading this – yes, right after - you would commit to thinking about “the radical breakthrough” question and then writing down what the details would be if you were experiencing your result. Who would be there - an interviewer asking how you got where you were? A friend congratulating you on your success? An astonished client with a large check, or many checks? What would you see and feel and hear and smell?

2. Expectation
Expectation is all about BELIEF. Do you believe it’s possible to have what you desire? Do you believe that you deserve it? Do you believe the Universe is capable of delivering it to you? The best way to approach expectation is with a sense of positive appreciation. You are already FEELING the emotions of having manifested your goal, in the clear detail you outlined in step one.

If you are clear about your intention, your expectation is positive and you willingly practice the feelings of having your goal already manifest, you will begin to receive intuitive flashes of inspiration/guidance about step three.

3. Inspired Aligned Action
Goal-oriented striving often involves action, but it is action you take as you try to figure out the ‘how’s’ - “How am I going to accomplish this?” “How will I get there?” “How can I possibly make this happen?”

Conversely, inspired and aligned action involves detaching from ‘how,’ and allowing yourself to hear your intuitive hunches and gut feelings. For example, you may suddenly have a thought, “Hey, I should get in touch with so-and-so.” And then you follow through on the aligned action, only to discover that the person you called is in need of your services, and in fact, can recommend you to several others who are also looking for exactly what you have to offer!

These three Top Secrets represent a significant shift from traditional business thinking. With this in mind, if you are looking for financial success with more heart, more time, and more wealth, I encourage you to take action and get yourself the support and accountability structure of an intuitive business coach or coaching group. Setting yourself up with exceptional support is one of the optimal keys for pushing through the highs and lows. You will learn quickly the skills you need to
more rapidly create financial freedom and live a life filled with possibility, best ever results, and continual promise.

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Sue Stebbins is an internationally recognized Life and Business Coach, who loves Creating Extraordinary Wealth and Success breakthroughs with her clients. Her
Clients are up to something big - visionary, smart, creative, but overwhelmed people and business owners. Visit or Check out Sue’s one-on-one coaching options and her upcoming Wealthymindwaves Accelerated Wealth Creation Teleseminar beginning September 17/18th.