Scorpios get a lot of bad press. They're vindictive, mean, and obsessed with sex. That's not really fair. Scorpio rules the house of sharing. They are the stewards of sharing money, resources, love, and yes sharing each other's bodies. It is their deepest most spiritual need to be completely connected, loved, and sharing from the depth of their soul. It's from this place that they are so easily hurt. Wounded Scorpios are a force to be reckoned with and yes, they're famously ruthless and cruel. How do you keep your own Scorpio child from becoming obsessive and mean?

Love them. Yes, all children need to be loved, but Scorpio children need to be loved at such a deep personal connected level. The worse thing you can do to a Scorpio child is to ignore them. They feel emotionally abandoned and never really learn to trust anyone again. You absolutely must make sure that your Scorpio child knows that you love them. Touch them with purpose. They need parents that are fully present paying attention to them. They are high maintenance children until they are convinced that they are loved unconditionally, then they become extremely self-reliant. They need to hear you tell them that you recognize them as the incredible souls that they are. They need to be taken seriously. Don't laugh off the dreams of a Scorpio child. You will crush their spirits and once they're crushed, they're cursed. Hug them with strength. Love them with your entire being. Really listen to them when they talk to you. They are incredibly wise old souls from the day they are born. They probably know you better then you know yourself. Acknowledge them and their incredible minds.

Share with them. They must believe at the very deepest core of their being that it's safe to share their hearts. They feel abandoned if you only offer them superficial conversation and light fluffy family dynamics. They need the meat and potatoes kind of parenting. Talk to them openly. Tell them your thoughts. Role model open communications and how beneficial it is when trying to deeply connect with another. Scorpios only become sneaking and secretive as a way of self-protection. Show them that by openly sharing one's thoughts, feelings, and love that real connection is achieved. They hunger for that deep connection. Show them positive ways to get it.

Discipline them. Scorpios are extremely strong willed and powerful by nature. They know exactly who they are and that most people don't have the strength, knowledge, nor stamina to match their own. They have a tendency to believe that they were born with a crown on their heads and that they don't have to follow the rules that other people follow. They will laugh and mock you as you lay down the rules. You have to be strong and firm while teaching Scorpios that yes, the rules do apply to them too. If you are a dictator in your parenting style, they will imitate you and become dictator like also. If you cave in to their charm and their constant attempts at persuasion then they will use charm and persuasion to get their way in life. If you beat them into submission, they will do the same. They have to be disciplined in a way that is strong, meaningful, and firm. They have to know without a doubt that you love them with all your heart and that they still have to follow the rules. They have to learn the basic lesson that there are repercussions for making bad choices. If you don't teach them, they will believe that they are above the law.

Scorpios are known for having problems with drugs and alcohol. They often need to escape the cruel realities of life. The real world seldom meets their deep spiritual needs for true sharing and connection. Teach them as children how to get these needs met and you will have an adult with more willpower and focus then most people can comprehend. Raise your Scorpio in violence, anger, negativity, and loneliness and you will create an adult capable of being selfish, manipulative, and extremely revengeful.

Adult Scorpios raised to use their gifts and powers in a positive constructive manner are among some of the most amazing people. They give so much back to the world once they know that they are deeply connected to it. They will give their last dollar to a stranger in need because sharing is what they do best. Healthy happy Scorpios are the most passionate and loyal spouses, employees, and members of society. Raise your Scorpio well and you will give an incredible leader to the planet. They have the brilliance, compassion, and stamina to create anything they set their minds to. Scorpios can change the world.

Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow's Edge

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