If you ever visit the island of Grenada, you will see that it is a poor but very beautiful country. There is not much to buy as a souvenir there. But while you are lounging on the black sand beaches a man will come along with palm fronds in his arms and he will sit down beside you and make a hat out of a palm frond right before your eyes. He deftly weaves all of the leaves from one palm frond into this green woven palm frond hat and then you can buy it for about $10.00 USD. It is a true souvenir from this island and you recognize that and so you buy it. But now you have to figure out how to get it home. You can’t squash it in your luggage, you can’t carry it on the plane with the new 2 pieces of luggage regulations. It becomes a real problem for you. Your thought of having this remembrance from this exotic locale creates a whole pesky problem in your reality.

Maybe you know someone, perhaps a man who has lost their job. His spouse is very upset that she is working and he is not. Things are not going so well at home. So to improve the relationship the man tells his wife that he has a job interview next week for a really good job. The wife is glad and starts to treat her man better thinking all will be well shortly. The day comes when the man is supposed to have this interview that doesn’t exist. So the man has to figure out what to tell his wife to keep her treating him nice. Maybe he tells her that he got the job but it doesn’t start for two weeks to buy himself another two weeks in her good graces. Then two weeks later he must figure out something else to tell her to continue to have her favors so he makes up another story. His thought of how to make his wife be happy with him creates a whole pesky problem in his reality.

The show Everybody Loves Raymond is full of examples of how Raymond creates pesky problems in an effort to get what he wants.

Thoughts can create a whirlpool of energy drawing into a person’s reality all kinds of things. It is like a bathtub drain. A person has a thought and decides to act on that thought and suddenly all kinds of things are drawn into that person’s life because of that thought. What is drawn into this vortex depends on what the original thought was about. If the husband creates a lie, then the lie compounds and grows and sucks in all kinds of other lies. If the tourist creates a desire it sucks in all kinds of other desires that may or may not be fulfilled.

What you are thinking, what thoughts you create, turn into a vortex of energy. If we could picture it, we could see the body of man with a funnel shaped vortex extending from his mind down through his body or reality and into the ground. The thought is formed not in physical reality, but as that thought swirls and twirls in the vortex, it travels down the body into the ground of material reality and becomes stronger and stronger like a tornado accumulating all kinds of physical and mental and emotional energy to it. It attracts all sorts of things from these places that make it bigger and stronger and let it grow, sometimes way out of proportion to what the original thought was.

We don’t realize the power of a thought to create so very much in our lives. We think of thoughts as being just small insignificant passers-by but the truth is that every thought has the power of a vortex. If a person thinks that they are sick, the vortex of that thought supports any bodily manifestations of illness, feeding them, giving them the energy of that thought to grow and manifest even more strongly than before that person allowed that thought to enter his or her mind. If a person thinks they are getting well, the power of that thought creates a vortex attracting all kinds of healing energy into the body as well.

Any thought creates this power of vortex energy. The vortex mechanics don’t care whether the thought is good or bad, positive or negative. Energy is energy; the strength is the same. Some people are very good at using this vortex of thought energy to manifest what they want into their lives. And some people are very good at choosing thought forms that do not benefit themselves and then making their reality fit into that thought form by lying, cheating or stealing from themselves or others. Some find ways to maintain a dis-ease at the cost of their happiness and the love or friendship of others.

There is a woman who has such bad pain in her legs that she can hardly walk even with the aid of a walker. She has had every kind of healer come and try to heal her, all with no success. She goes out of her way to find healers and invite them to her house for a healing session. She pays them and they sit with her and offer healing one after the other like a long procession of therapists and body energy people. But her thought is that she is lonely. She finds healers to be fascinating guests to have visit her. Her thought is not to heal but rather to have this constant stream of company that she enjoys. Each healer leaves completely frustrated that she did not accept her healing which she surely could have from any one of them. But if she accepted healing, it would put an end to the thought she was feeding, to the vortex of that thought that has allowed her to have these visits from people she likes to visit with.

If you can understand that what you are thinking creates a magnet for what comes into your life, perhaps you can use this same knowledge to eliminate what you don’t want in your life and to attract what you do want by choosing your thoughts more carefully. If you think positive thoughts, you can create positive circumstances in your life. If you think negative thoughts you will attract all kinds of negativity into your life. This has been said in many ways all through the ages by some of the wisest teachers in the world.

Even in the worst of life circumstances, you can create a vortex of positive energy around you by simply choosing a positive thought to work with. If you want to heal something, think as many positive thoughts about that healing as you can come up with. Let these positive thoughts be around you and gather to themselves more positive energies, more positive circumstances, create a frame of mind of healing and watch healing be accomplished in your life.

Next time you are out with your friends take a few minutes to observe what kind of thought vortex they are creating around themselves. As you see others doing it, whether consciously or unconsciously, it will be very easy for you to see the power of a thought vortex and to recognize how easy it is to use this gift to bring you health, joy, and abundance.

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