1. Take 5 minute breaks regularly throughout your day. Sit or walk on your own and relax, breathe deeply and feel peaceful. You will feel more relaxed and not so overwhelmed, increasing your level of concentration and ability to achieve more, in less time.

2. Arrive 10 minutes early for every work and personal appointment. You will have time to feel relaxed, prepare yourself and to show respect for the other person’s time.

3. Take responsibility for your actions. Actions that you take are a result of choices that you’ve made. When you take responsibility for your actions you realise that you are able to make different choices.

4. Clean up your work space. Such as, find a way to eliminate the piles of paperwork. Working in an environment that is clean and organised will free up your mind and reduce distractions for you. When our space feels cluttered it leads to our mind feeling cluttered.

5. Manage yourself rather than your time. You cannot change time yet you can make changes to yourself by organising yourself, setting priorities, taking responsibility…. When you manage yourself you will have more time to create the life you really want.

6. Learn to say no. A straight forward "No" is best although if this feels difficult at first try, "No, my time is committed elsewhere." Saying no is a skill to learn, takes practice and you can do it pleasantly. You will never please everyone and accepting this will reduce the pressure you put on yourself.

7. Reward your achievements. Choose the reward before you start both for small and large achievements and use it to move you forward, particularly when overcoming an obstacle. Rewarding yourself will encourage you to keep persevering and focusing on winning.

Author's Bio: 

Wendy Hearn, Personal and Professional Life Coach, works with people who want balance, financial security, fulfilling relationships and an occupation that inspires them to be their best.

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