No matter the Question, the Answer’s the same--its all about Energy; its life’s only Game!

The ways of the Spirit, as opposed to the ways of the dragon, are all important matters …for which clarity gives you the ability to fulfill your life through decisions/actions that create a healthy body, a successful business, and real relationship connections.

The nature of the Universe itself is the dichotomy between ‘stars’ and ‘black holes’, which balance each other by one, radiating visible light outward (stars & Spirits), and the other magnetizing invisible darkness inward (black holes & dragons). So the Laws of physics and metaphysics define the nature of who we are and how we function.

The ways of the dragon must have first priority, since the dragon’s function is survival and if you don’t survive NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. So, the dragon’s first job is to make sure we survive …so our Spirit has the option to thrive! Therefore, dragon energy is about short-term survival …and your Spirit is about long-term fulfillment.

Confusions with ‘past trauma memory’ becoming ‘present decisions’ …is THE problem!

The philosophy directing your dragon is; excluding and conservative to survive situations /people where you can’t trust anybody, anytime on anything. This is good prison strategy, but, doing what’s needed to survive what you can’t change/escape, is degenerative. Dragon nature is blind to “long-term plans”, which for the dragon is late afternoon.

The philosophy of the Spirit is; including and inspiring to fulfill your divine intent by discernment/alignment with the Laws of energy that connect all as ONE. So, for you to fulfill your Spirit, you must consciously decide/act to align with Spirit Life-force energy. When you do this… ‘The Force’ is with you …which gives you personal power!

The dragon is what I call the “NOT YOU” because it is not You, it is the dragon you, which is an energetic emotional memory of your perceptions of trauma without power when your only solution was a “not solution” or a solution based on a strategy of NOT doing what certain organ/gland energies are designed to do to create short-term homeostasis (balance) by counter-balancing or not doing this balanced by not doing that.

In the short-term, this strategy may create the illusion that it is working, but in the long-run, a ‘NOT strategy’ is based on counter-balancing (subtraction) or, 1 minus 1 = 0. This means there are no points for ‘defense’ just like any other game. So, it’s good for short-term survival, but it’s degenerative in nature, thus can not regenerate and rejuvenate you.

In order to regenerate, rejuvenate and produce you must be able to play life’s game above zero by being able to discriminate trust worthy connections, and then connect with those worthy of trusting connections that can regenerate, rejuvenate you to better produce. Without understanding how life works …you are doomed to the illusions of confusions!

The ways of the dragon can be summarized in 5 words (Confusion, Deception, Manipulation, Fear & Force) representing the strategies for how the dragons gain power. The ways of the Spirit can also be summarized in 5 words (Clarity, Sincerity, Integrity, Love & Ethics) that are the strategies for how the Spirit gains power.

The dragon, being the master of darkness, is all powerful over all things except the Light (Truth), which is defined by Laws of energy. Now, the dragon knows the ways of darkness, are not acceptable in the Light, so its favorite trick is to hide behind the Light! The dragon second power, deception is needed to employ it’s third power, manipulation.

Motive is the issue! And the motives of the dragon and Spirit are opposite because they serve two different functions and purposes …and consequently have two different consciousness perspectives, one for survival and the other for fulfillment.

The dragon’s primary design, function and purpose is survival of the moment by doing whatever it takes to survive whatever you can’t change or escape. The Spirit’s primary function is to fulfill your divine energetic intent. He who gets to make your decisions and actions …controls your life! The old saying is that the one you feed the most …WINS!

The game of life is played between the dragon and the Spirit, and those who become conscious enough of those aspects of reality, may empower their Spirit to direct their decisions and actions toward trust worthy connections (first of all with your Self). Your connections with others can not be, any better than your connection with your Self.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Dean Allen holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Utah State University. He began his career doing biofeedback research on "Autonomic Nervous System Control as a Function of Imagery", and then taught a University course on the Psychology of Consciousness for several years. Dr. Allen also worked as a Wellness & Consciousness Consultant for 10 years with major corporations at a resort in Florida, where he focused on teaching Stress Management utilizing Biofeedback to teach personal relaxation.

In 1987, Dr. Allen became acquainted with how Energy Flow Patterns (programmed by trauma) manifest as dysfunctions in the human body using the "The BodyTalker". Dr Allen has used this advanced technology exclusively with hundreds of clients for the past 17 years in his wellness practice . He is now focusing on helping to take these extraordinary tools to the next level of providing more Clear/Quick Insights into human subtle-energy programming. These organic insights enable us to identify and create positive long-lasting changes in our physical and mental health by revealing our unconscious decisions that are creating and maintaining our problems that are steadily manifesting into physical degeneration and dysfunction.

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