The question of nutrition occupies a special place both in self-healing and in the process of treatment. Its significance is impossible to exaggerate; it is one of the major factors in the treatment of all diseases, without exception. Proper nutrition is one of the key weapons in the cancer patient’s fight for life that is in the hands of the afflicted themselves.

In a number of cases, when patients have requested recommendations on correct nutrition, I have directed them to herbologists and dieticians or to libraries where the patients begin to research their healing nutriments. The main thing is the desire! No one knows the intricacies of your body better than you.

According to both my observations and the observations of oncologists, preference in the diet must be for raw herbal products. The human being is an herbivore. Thus, in cases of cancer, green tea can be very useful. Numerous studies have already established that green tea contains special microelements that aid not only in the removal of radioactive elements, but also in the retardation of oncological processes.

Why is it necessary to give preference to raw herbal products? The antioxidants and phyto-nutrients in them possess tumor fighters. The fibers of the raw food stabilize the micro-flora of the intestine. Healthy micro-flora produces substances participating in anti-cancer defenses.

It is also very important to regularly include in the diet a sufficient amount of rough fiber, such as bran, bread baked from coarse-ground or whole-grain flour, vegetables (except potatoes), fruits, and parsley. These products facilitate elimination of many carcinogenic substances as well as toxic byproducts of degraded cholesterol. Rough fibers play an important part in the prophylaxis of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract (especially of the large intestine).

The deficiency of essential and fatty acids, Vitamins E and B6, makes the body more vulnerable to carcinogens. A good source of essential and fatty acids can be olive, sunflower, and soy oils. Vitamins E and B6 are contained in unrefined flour and whole-meal bread. Also, Vitamin E is abundant in egg yolk and whole-grain flour while Vitamin B6 is present in yeast, liver, milk, and coarse-ground flour.

Vitamin A helps in the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, mucous membranes and skin. Vitamin A promotes good vision, especially in dim light. It may also help reproduction and lactation. It must be remembered that vitamin A is absorbed by the digestive system only in combination with fat or oil, so mix it with any kind of oil or sour cream, even a very small amount is enough.

Eastern cuisine is very colorful in its diversity of vegetables, fruits, and spices. The phyto-chemicals contained in these foods help the body preserve its form longer. From the diverse groups of carotenoids (which are known for elevating immunity and reducing the chance of cancer), six types were found to be the most effective and can be found in melon, strawberry, squash, red and yellow pepper, peaches, raspberry, mango, carrots, and yellow vegetables.

Other products that prevent or reduce the risk of cancer are salad greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or cabbage, tomatoes, beans, nuts (an ideal portion would be two to five almonds per day), and seeds. A more specific example, in the case of uterine cancer in women, is to intake daily about 750 i.u. (international units) of beta-carotene, the amount contained in a large carrot, with a teaspoon of oil or sour cream.

Silica plays an important role in both the prevention and treatment of cancer. It is contained in the peels of vegetables and fruits and the outer shell of grains. Therefore, one should not necessarily peel vegetables and fruits.

And another thing to remember is that to rid the body of cancer, you must eat! Lowering the calorie value of the diet slows down cancer development only in animals, not in humans!

As with most cases of disease, there are foods that should be avoided. Smoked beef or bacon, nitrates, arsenic, asbestos, paraffin, aniline, heavy metals, polyvinyl chloride, and some medications nourish the oncogenes, which promote the onset of cancer.

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