There's nothing hidden about the art of creating, setting and achieving, goals. It's all out there, just like an open book. Yet, we still think that there's some magic formula and that if we could only GET OUR HANDS on that manuscript, or code or blueprint... then we'd be golden. Not true... any of it.

And so if you wanted proof and evidence and real life examples that'll tell you and show you how true this all is, simply watch and observe and marvel at the most exciting goal setting and achieving miracle you've ever laid eyes on - a TODDLER!

That's right. I'm talking about those cute sweet little scientists and detectives... all clothed up in their toddler finery.

So if you want proof of their magic and their wisdom and their inventiveness and their tenacity and their doing it until motto, then watch this wonderful bundle of mother nature and see how they do what they can... in order to get up and walk. That's right. From scrambling on all fours to gripping on to anything that'll hold their weight and to do that staggered dancy walky routine that has us in oohs and aahs... I'm talking about THAT.

And do you think the little toddler has a tiny mechanism in his head that'll tell him when his clumsy and sweet, walky dancy effort is up and that if he can't make it smoothly happen by a certain time, then... "that's it - there's no more walking gonna happen for this little mite!" No, I don't think toddlers have one of those devices going on. They're going to walk... UNTIL... they walk!

Now isn't that just a breath of delightful air because here's the beautiful truth -- BOTH YOU AND I WERE TODDLERS!! And if you let that sink in and if you bathe in that for a while and if you totally absorb that truth then there's a possibility that there's a little shift going on upstairs in that there head of yours because if we did that most magnificent of acts, and performed it we did, then we mastered it with all the supporting encouragement we could get... no matter how many times we fell down or stumbled or banged our head!

We just carried on... regardless!

Shouldn't that tell us something? Shouldn't that just ring a bell that's so loud and so clear that shows us all the evidence we ever needed that we are indeed... a pure goal setter, creator and achiever!

Oh, I surely hope that's true and that you do SEE IT. And I truly so desire that you take this distinction and you wrap your mind around it and you nurture it and you use it as a perfect example of YOU in super creative action. So if you ever find that there's a heavy doubt or a nagging frustration or a severe lack of confidence or the poisonous criticism of others creeping into your mind that challenges what you're currently up to in life, then immerse yourself and root yourself in the certainty and truth and fact that you performed an act, a goal, of truly immense proportions.

And if you can do THAT... you can do ANYTHING!

And that's true -- only 100% of the time!

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Raja Hireker is writer and coach specializing in helping individuals, coaches and business entrepreneurs create personal change and breakthrough transformations... all through his unique blend of powerful writing. You can visit his website and receive a remarkable free publication that'll show you how transformational writing can change your personal & business life. You can reach Raja Hireker by fax/voicemail on 44 208 764 1085, or by email on