The Holistic Approach To Healing - The System Of Spirit Manifesting And Experiencing Through Mind & Body

As a holistic therapist and counselor I seek to assist clients in gaining a sense of wholeness and well-being. This involves exploring the whole system in which a perceived "problem" exists, recognizing that the apparent problem is really an opportunity, a form of feedback present in the individual's experience to help that individual discover ways to shift consciousness, shift perspective, and shift living patterns to find more balance and integration. This system of feedback and opportunity for positive change and healing shifts is at work on all levels - with individuals, families, communities, and countries.

We each come into incarnation on Earth with an intention to have a range of experiences, some rather challenging - yet challenges lead to adaptation, strength, resiliency, flexibility, and a heightened level of awareness, once we have embraced the opportunity to face and learn from these challenges. We, as spirit, come from a realm of great love, joy, divine wisdom, creativity, and power. Upon taking on our temporary physical identity we voluntarily block our remembrance of who we really are and our nature as expressions of the One infinite, eternal source.

In this limited state we experience many emotions and take on a variety of distorted beliefs/illusions that we accept as "real" - and these illusions are reinforced by the cultures and institutions of human civilization that surround us. And this is all just as it needs to be for the experiences we, as spirit, wish to have. Our emotions give us feedback about how our experiences reflect upon our beliefs and desires... denying them or repressing them with drugs and medicines is a way we can choose to seek temporary relief and escape from our discomfort, we can procrastinate with our healing and transformation process. Since my focus as a healer and counselor is on helping accelerate the process of personal growth and integration I don't promote standard psychiatric approaches of treating symptoms.

Consider for a moment how the physical human body is created. Pro-creation occurs when a seed/sperm from a male combines with an egg from a female, with each tiny cell transmitting the information and knowledge developed through the entire ancestry of the human beings contributing to this reproductive process. This new fertilized egg cell now connects with a composite, non-local, non-visible field of information... this field can sometimes be seen by clairvoyants as a field of light or vibrational energy, but this energy is at a frequency range beyond what known scientific devices can measure, since it is a non-physical layer of energy and the scientific devices are physical constructs.

Using this massive field of intelligence and information, the cell interacts with it's environment intelligently to gain nourishment and to reproduce and generate the diverse types of cells, tissues, and organs needed to create the entire human body! This is an awesome and inspiring process. In exploring the healing process, we must consider what supports the healthy flow of consciousness, energy, and processing of in-form-ation in a system and what interferes with it.

A healthy environment, nutritious natural foods, pure water, clean air, positive social support, and other qualities of the environment make it easier for the system of consciousness to use the elements of its surroundings to build a healthy body and maintain balance. When there is toxicity in the environment and a lack of nourishing elements it is much more difficult and requires more energy to support wellness and balance. When the body is very deficient in key chemical elements/nutrients, it can't synthesize the molecules needed to create feelings of peace and joy... and emotional states of anger/resentment and fear/guilt/sadness will drain energy and nutrients, just as exposure to physical toxins will drain energy and nutrients. From this, we can see why our lifestyle and nutrition can play important roles in supporting our health, both with physical and psychological aspects of our health.

Any beliefs and thoughts that are in harmony and alignment with the Source/Creator/God support health and well-being. Love, joy, peace, gratitude, inspiration... these all nourish our well-being and open us up to the flow of creative source energy. Anger, resentment, fear, jealousy, guilt... these all feed into a sense of separation and create resistance to the flow of creative source energy. When we start to feel the restricting emotions it's vital to acknowledge our feelings and explore what pattern of consciousness, what core beliefs and attitudes within us are generating these reactions. We can then learn to embrace new ways of thinking, to choose love and joy and to face our fears and dissolve them.

When we embrace who we truly are, identifying with our eternal selves and the Creative Source that we are an expression/extension of, we can radically transform our lives and release the fears and limiting beliefs that have held us back from fully sharing our energy, our love, our talents, our wisdom, our creativity, and our personal truths with the world we live in. The world we perceive around us is very much illusionary, it's a co-creation that we have collectively constructed so that each individual focus of awareness can have experience and feedback in its self-discovery and self-transformation process.

We each subjectively give meaning to the vibrational environment we experience... it has no objective meaning! A field of information and energy must be processed and decoded by some program of consciousness that interprets and uses this information for its own development. We are each an evolving processor, applying the programs we have placed in our consciousness to interact with the external "reality" we perceive. We are all parts of God/Creator and we have the power to reprogram ourselves as we explore the feedback of emotions and experience. The nature of reality (metaphysical laws/principles) is such that we are always provided with feedback that can help us learn to be more balanced and integrated, more in alignment with the qualities of our Essential Self.

Let us collaborate and support one another as we embrace this adventure!

Author's Bio: 

Jed is a licensed mental health counselor with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Miami. He is a hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Regentics facilitator, Neuromodulation Technique, and Psych-K practitioner and author of the book Consciousness, Creation, And Existence: A Guide To The Grand Adventure. Jed maintains the site