Astrology—“If something is wrong just fix it.”

The Church has made a huge mistake and Christianity suffers from it to this very day. What is it you ask? It is a lack of creative ideas because of what some old-timer said 2000 years ago about what God told him, or rather how he interpreted what God told him. Don’t get me wrong, the Bible is God’s word, it needed to be for the sake of all humanity. But now the time has come for change, God is in a creative mood and The Lost Key is His starting Gate. For any and all astrology critic out there who would like to contest please feel free to do your home work first and than you will agree; God is not trying to hide Himself from the world; He’s trying to reveal Himself to it. Never mind the way the stars line up, just know that they do and that God has created a form of communication through them. The truth is out there. There are two truths; knowing what’s in your heart and knowing what’s in God’s heart. People are always saying—Astrology, that opens doors. Here is a reading out of a Daytona Beach newspaper; Cancer—“It won’t do you a bit of good to merely wish that something important to you will mysteriously change for the better. You’re going to have to take positive action to improve conditions.” The only thing that was lacking was a scripture from the Bible or a positive quote to give it a little more life and insightful meaning.

God is in the business of saving souls. Do you really think He would give up a chance to talk with someone? Has Christianity robbed God of something dear to Him? I think it is time to research some of these subjects again and truly see what the truth is. Everything is coming to a point. No creative act is ever finished, it just evolves. At times we must look and see what it has evolved into. We can’t continue to go on with a blind eye, so open it now; “you are healed.”

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Kenny has been a successful entrepreneur for many years now, having written 9 books and successfully creating new marketing ideas for small local business owners which will eventually become a Global franchise. Kenny successfully designed one of the first programs on the internet giving random answers at the click of a button. One of the first can be viewed here:

When asked—what is your secret…Kenny simply says, I have figuring out one of life’s most important questions. (What the Hell am I doing?) Making dreams a reality requires effort, self-disciple, planning and positive thinking. These are the 4 basic rules that one must follow otherwise you’ll just going to fall in the average. You have got to first believe. “Dreams believed become dreams achieved.” Believing gives you the hope you need for the fight ahead. Hope has power, it will make you do whatever needs to be done—Push, Pull, Drag, Tug, whatever it take to get your dream across the finish-line. “All things are possible for him who believes.”

He also says that he keeps his head up by knowing he can change the world, I will leave my mark deep a crossed the grain of humanity…What I do will echo through eternity and in the end God will lift me up on the most high and crown me with a Glory’s Victory for I am my Brothers Keeper.

Having been a Christian Outreach Program Leader for many years, Kenny began helping others even before he started this wonderful journey. His one and only goal is to reach as many people as possible that need inspiration, help, a glimpse of light, a dream, hope. “I just want people to find their own unique talents, to feel God’s goodness, to open their eyes to the signs that are all around, and to create whatever it is that will fulfill their destiny in the way God planned it”. The Lost Key is merely a stepping stone to finding that beautiful Inner Self…the Real You that God intended you to be.

Join author/artist/friend Kenneth K. Cain on a journey to finding the beauty that we all possess. No matter what issues you are confronting, what doubts or fears you might have…you will find something here that will help to inspire you, make you laugh, or think, and hopefully feel alive and ready to face each day with renewed strength and belief.

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