The main idea that seems to be spouted out whenever we hear about the Law of Attraction is that ‘We get what we think about most’. So most of us could be forgiven for thinking at first glance that if we just do something to change our thoughts then our life will change too.

However it is not quite that simple. It leaves out an important element which is that we often SABOTAGE our efforts because of deeply held beliefs that we are not so conscious of … our hidden saboteurs ….which can block or drain the energy of our pure thought vibrations. So it makes sense to spend some time working to clear these out first. A very common saboteur is the belief that we ‘don’t deserve’ whatever it is we say we want.

This means that even if you visualise yourself getting that perfect job, or being finally free from your chronic back pain, or finding your perfect partner, unless you feel that you deserve it you are much less likely to attract it into your life.

Underneath there is a stronger message going out to the universe : "I don’t deserve to have it’", or "I’m saddled with this dead end job", or "I’m never going to get a good night's sleep ever again!".

With these kind of beliefs in place you are more likely to attract things and events that further confirm you don’t deserve any better than what you already have.Because these thoughts or beliefs are stronger than what you are hoping to replace them with.

So what we need to do first is to uncover and clear out these deeper sabotaging beliefs which have been acting as a covering layer over our even deeper more essential true and joyous selves.

All that prevents a person from being joyful once again is the pain layered on top. You can cut through these layers which in reality are really only the patterned, fixed responses that have been handed down to you by your parents.

When you do this you will be able to reconnect with your inner wisdom, your wise child, to reclaim your natural spontaneous and joyful self. A child plays in the complete innocence of life and simply assumes without doubt that everything she wants is already there for her. Reconnect to the playful child inside of you,through the imagination of the clown.

As we grow older we lose our connection with our innocent and spontaneous sense of fun. But through laughter and silliness we can regain our enthusiasm for life and make it more meaningful. It will relax you and empower your choices.

When you have faith in yourself, when you really believe in you and trust that everything is already there just waiting for you to claim it you can visualise what you would like to see in your life and expect it to happen.Then something magical seems to take place. It is as if something ‘wiggles’ in the universe to make it happen, to open the way for everything to come to you.

Brandon Bays, in her book ‘The Journey’ describes how she came to the realisation in her recovery from cancer that she had been ‘clinging to the cancer’ rather than the cancer clinging to her. In other words, although she wanted to get well, at first she was still clinging to her old belief that the cancer was ‘out to get her’. It isn’t surprising that she had this original belief, that the world was ‘out to get her’, in light of the physical abuse she suffered in childhood. But it was a limiting belief nonetheless and needed to be cleared before she could open up to and believe in her own magnificent healing force.When she did, she opened into this stronger belief in her own ability to heal, and the cancerous tumour disappeared, leaving her to continue living her life in perfect health. And all of this happened within the short space of just a few weeks

So the good news is that, although you may have some sabotaging, limiting beliefs tucked away inside of you, you can also uncover and clear them out to make way for beliefs that are more in line with abundant living in all areas of your life.

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