The healing stream is a frequency of energy that comes from the divine source. Some people call this source God, the higher self, the higher power, the divine self, the creator, the spirit, and other names. The key is that this energy exists in a higher dimensional plane of existence and it flows interdimensionally into the mind, emotion, and body fields of each and every one of us. This divine flow provides each of us with healing wisdom, love, and light.

When we tap into the healing stream consciously, we gain the ability to do spiritual healing and energy healing. Anyone can do spiritual healing and energy healing simply by asking to connect with the divine energies of the healing stream. When we connect with the healing stream, we connect with the divine energies and we get energized, guided, and supported in a new way.

Connecting consciously to the divine energies of the healing stream is really about focusing attention and intention. We can intend and be attentive to our physical flow, emotional flow, and mental flow. We also can intend and attune directly to our spiritual flow.

When we focus our intention and our attention, we begin to notice little things about our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits. We begin to notice what feels good. We also begin to notice what does not feel so good.

The healing stream provides us with healing wisdom, love, and guidance so we can care for what hurts that needs our attention, respect, and love.

Many people, when opening up to the healing stream, find a deep connection with angels and higher vibrational guides. There are angels and guides around all of us. These angels and guides are here to help us.

It is important to ask for our angels and guides to help. They always help, even if they cannot stop what is happening in our lives, they always help. They comfort, guide, and support us so we get just what we need, just when we need it.

Can you sense the angels around you? Do you sense other types of divine guidance around you?

Opening to the healing stream awakens our awareness to the divine all around us. It also opens us to the divine within us. We are each divine beings here in human form. We each have a unique divine vibration. When we learn to attune to and access our unique vibration, then we learn about our divine note. We learn to sound our divine note consciously. This accelerates our awakening and opening to our beautiful song. We can then sing our song and shine our light with joy, clarity, and confidence.

As divine beings in human form, we connect with all other beings through the healing stream of divine energy flow. Our hearts are the center and nexus point of this flow. When you want to get centered and balanced, simply go into your heart center, sound your unique divine note, and dance in the healing stream of divine energies.

What amazing new ways of creating we have ahead! What amazing new levels of happiness, joy, peace, and love we have within to share with each other as we open to the healing stream, access our divine energies, and connect with each other through our divine heart flow.

- Joe Hurley

Author's Bio: 

Joe Hurley is an author, visionary, multidimensional communication specialist, and healing energy consultant from Seattle, Washington. His books include: When Spirits Dance, How To Be A Divine Presence In Everyday Life, Parables of Light, Beyond Illusion, Divine Heart Presence, The Five-Step Healing Reaction Guide, and The Four-Step Guide To Self-Healing. For more about his vision and teaching, please visit his website:

The Divine Heart: A place for heart wisdom, healing, and pure unconditional love.