For the last four months I have been weaving a family web day in and day out, spending 4 – 5 days a week up north caring for my parents, as they make a transition from major health challenges. It is amazing how our minds can trick us as we convince and defend our situation making it all okay…busy taking care of family and forgetting to nurture myself. I get confused sometimes, because taking care of my family makes me happy and each moment is precious as I journey with my parents in the last chapter of their life.

As I sit in the doctor’s office waiting for the results of my medical tests, I read a fabulous article in Canadian Living about the art of Nia dancing. For 3 years I made time in my life for Nia, a form of exercise that blends creative dance, yoga and martial arts. It was a perfect way for me to move energy in a playful way. The article brought me back to this gift of peace that Nia gave to me through movement. I said to myself, “I miss this experience.”, and I deepened within as the energy flowed in me with the memory.

The message that I was out of balance was loud and clear and making this healthy choice moved me into the flow with my creativity.

The meeting with my doctor gave me information about a few menopausal issues and showed me the blocked energy within…awakening to the fact that I had been disregarding my own needs…a place I have been many times before. The beauty of being human is to forgive myself for forgetting the importance of balancing mind, body and spirit.

I know that once I make a shift and take responsibility for myself, making a healthy choice, I am so supported. That night I opened the mailbox to a letter from my Nia instructors inviting me back to dance with them again…confirmation that I am listening and responding to the gentle voice of spirit. I made the call the next morning and my heart smiled as Barb announced the class was starting on Monday…the message of support was promptly there again.

Within 24 hours we can change our mind and shift our life. It felt good to make the call and commit to myself. The truth is, why does a health challenge or life struggle have to be the reminder to say yes to me instead of listening to the voice inside that constantly whispers “I need you, please take care of me.”

Creativity comes in many forms and it is necessary for energy to flow through our body. Exercise, dance, writing, painting, healthy eating and laughter are all pathways for the energy to move through any blocks. My Inner WorkoutTM Process also helps me move the barriers of emotional pain so that the energy can move instead of staying stuck in old thoughts of past.

I am excited to move again in a creative way as the Nia classes remind me, in a positive way, to allow the creative energy to flow and replenish my spirit.

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Everyone desires peace… The Inner Workout™ is the bridge to take you from A to BE.

Colleen Hoffman Smith is a Toronto based author, facilitator and developer of The Inner Workout™ Program which she created as her emotional support system that transformed every aspect of her life. She has been sharing this powerful life practice for over 15 years empowering others to experience a life of unconditional love and peace that comes with emotional freedom.

She has inspired many to take care of their emotional body in a healthy way, so that they live their lives through an open and compassionate heart, connected to all that they are. This process helps you to BE the essence of love, peace, consciousness and oneness in the world; a purpose shared by her triplet sisters.

In addition to her books, audio programs and monthly e-newsletter, Colleen facilitates seminars and workshops worldwide and has trained a team of Inner Workout™ Coaches who can also provide one-on-one support.
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