In the last three elements we discussed the element of earth and the importance of having a vision as well as knowing what you value and the confidence to chase that vision. In the water element we discussed the importance of proper timing and flow for situations and the accomplishment of goals and dreams as well as proper planning and knowledge for accomplishing those goals and dreams. In the article about the fire element, we discussed passion and using it as the driving force for everything you do as well as emotion and emotions. In this part we will be discussing the element of wind and how it contributes to your success and how to use it to get anything you want in life.

The wind element represents all encompassing action, sacrifice, and higher ideals. Let’s start with all encompasssing action. All encompassing action is action that is in direct alignment with what you want to accomplish. Remember the old saying “he ran around the house to find the front door was open the whole time.” This is a perfect statement for what wind is NOT! Wind is the ability to recognize exactly what needs to be done with the least amount of energy and effort to get maximum results. For example, in this article I want to convey the concept of wind on a very basic level so that you have something to begin working with to be able to get instant results with your life. Include the information from the other elements and you have a working model. I am not trying to write a book, just give you enough information so that you have some working knowledge to start evaluating where you are, where you want to go, and what needs to be done. I don’t need to write four hundred paragraphs to do that. Five at most will be more than enough to accomplish that goal, where as this paragraph alone will not. Evaluate your own life and goals and decide what the least amount of energy, time, and effort can be put into a goal to get the maximum results. With this article I have a couple results that I want. I want you to get valuable information. I want to position myself in your mind as a name you remember because of the quality and usefulness of the information. I want you to visit my website to learn as much as possible about what I am teaching. I also want you to share this article with other people. See how I am writing a small, couple paragraph article with the intention of getting maximum results for it? That is wind.

Wind also represents sacrifice. This is not necessarily sacrifice from the perspective of giving everything up, but from the perspective of being willing to sacrifice beliefs, opinions, ideas, and anything else that gets in your way so that you are able to get to where you want to go. Sacrifice is always made when we want something. We always have to give one thing up to get another. You give up part of your life in the form of time at a job in return for money. You sacrifice time. You sacrifice money in return for food, shelter, transportation, heat, communication, and many other things. There is always a give and take, and at the element of wind, you must take a serious look at what you are willing to sacrifice in order to get what you want. I am willing to sacrifice time to write this article for the results I will get over and over and over again from this article. Are you willing to sacrifice some time with your family for the next couple months as you chase a financial dream that will give you more free time in the long run. Are you willing to sacrifice sleep to chase a dream that will get you out of your current job and into something more rewarding. What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want, and where is the boundry. Most people fail simply because they are not willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort in exchange for time invested into something that will bring greater comfort down the road. What I mean by this is that most people come home after work and use the excuse of being to tired to work on writing a book, or a song, or building a website, or their own business. They would rather take the comfort of sitting around watching tv or whatever it is they do than to be tired for a bit to put some time and energy into something that will pay in huge returns in the future. Learn to sacrifice now for the future you want tomorrow.

The third area I want to discuss about the element of wind is that of higher ideals. Where the earth element is about what we value and being able and willing to stand up for those things and not back down, wind is about taking those values and ethics and morals to a higher level. To a level that allows them to influence every single decision you make. This is the realm of compassion, and every thought, word, and action we make takes into consideration how it effects everyone else around us. I would never write an article that dealt with anger and hate because of it’s effect on the psyche of human beings, not to mention the fact that it supports those things I do not agree with. I will however write hundreds upon hundreds of articles all day long about things that help people live happier more fulfilling lives. I won’t go protesting down the street against people who belong to organizations that are angry or hateful, but I will do my part to put as much good out into the world as I possibly can. These are my higher ideals. I don’t believe that fighting against something with the same tools is as effective as throwing love and positive emotion at it. How can a war on terror stop terrorism when we are using war, the same tactics of killing, to do so. These are the higher ideals I am talking about. Where in the earth realm one is willing to stand ones ground even if it means killing, the wind realm is about using the appropriate action to get the job done. Sometimes fighting back is the appropriate answer, but 99% of the time, there is another option on the positive side of the spectrum to deal with everything on the negative side.

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