People who are going to create a natural cancer cure when conventional medicine has not worked need 2 life-savers to be working for them. With them, a natural cancer cure becomes possible.

The first life-saver is hope. Without hope, they won’t be open to trying anything new. The other life-saver is a plan. They need to know what to do!

Let’s start with the hope part.

When medical doctors declare that they’ve “done all that can be done”, some patients believe them and lose hope. Others are not so sure and decide to continue looking for a solution. For those patients, bolstering their hope is vital.

One of the ways to build their hope is by putting the authority of their doctors into its proper perspective. After all, we don’t take seriously the predictions of any Tom, Dick or Harry, but if it’s Doctor Tom, or Doctor Dick, or Doctor Harry we can be a lot more receptive to their death sentences.

That’s why it is helpful to realize that the basic ideas of modern medicine are not entirely trustworthy and that, therefore, neither are the predictions of conventional doctors who believe in them. An example of these is the “germ theory” of disease, propagated by Louis Pasteur and seized upon by entrepreneurs eager to making a killing by creating proprietary medicines that kill germs.

A contemporary of Pasteur’s, Antoine Bechamp, discovered that germs were actually a result or effect of disease, not its cause. His work was not received with the same enthusiasm as Pasteur’s because it did not provide the same opportunities for commercial exploitation, but Pasteur conceded in his private journal, published years after his death, that Bechamp had got it right. Pasteur wrote: "It is not the germ that causes disease but the terrain in which the germ is found."

For Bechamp, the way to health was, therefore, to focus on the “terrain” or environment in the body. Clean up the environment, and the “germs” and disease will go away. This is exactly the approach advocated by natural medicine doctors. It is the way in which a natural cancer cure can work for you.

In contrast, for the followers of Pasteur (Doctors Tom, Dick, and Harry), the way to health is by waging war on “germs” and other outside forces said to create disease.

So for patients who have been subjected to the “wage-war” approach of conventional medicine and have had their bodies turned into battlegrounds, all without the desired result, it is helpful for them to understand that this whole approach may be misguided and that there are radically different options that could be a lot more effective for them. This discovery can restore and bolster their hope and leave them open to a natural cancer cure.

That’s why I recommend to my patients, as part of their general understanding of their situation, that they acquaint themselves with ideas that giants of science like Bechamp have put forth but which have been ignored because they do not fit in with the economic agenda of modern medicine. A hopeful, open mind can be a life-saver! When a doctor says “there is nothing more that can be done”, he misses out 2 vital words, and those are “by me”.

And this leads us to the second life-saver that patients need to create a natural cancer cure: they need an action plan. The way to restoring our health is a process. It requires that we stop doing things that create disease and start doing things that foster health. While this may seem simplistic, it is not. What it means is that we have to take action, often quickly, to change our behavior.

It also means that we are unlikely to get the result we want from some new magic potion, whether natural or not. Although natural medicines can play an important part in supporting the process of our healing, the core requirement is that we change the way we are treating our bodies. Our previous behavior is what created the environment inside us that allowed disease to develop – and that’s what we need to change! That’s how to create a natural cure for cancer or any other disease

How to do it? There are basic principles that natural cures follow. They are not complicated, but they are essential. Once a person’s mind is open to alternatives, a quick study of those principles, followed by decisive action, can turn the tide.

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Dr. James Chappell is known for his work with chronic, severe and supposedly terminally-ill people. His website page, Cancer Natural Cure provides information about his teachings for cancer patients. He provides more information about natural cures on his Dr. James Chappell Blog.