What is your sales tactic for your small business or sales career? Do you know?

Often people start a business because of their expertise in a particular area. Since their primary motivation for starting the business was their love and knowledge of a particular craft, skill or service, they then consider this function to be the most important part of their business…that is wrong thinking; don’t let it happen to you.

Whether you are a mechanic opening up an auto shop or a fitness expert opening a gym, your primary focus should always be on sales and marketing. An effective sales and marketing strategy will keep a regular influx of new customers coming into your business. Expertise and quality of your products and services will help you to retain those customers, but there will be no customers on which to hang, if the sales and marketing functions are weak or absent.

This combination will keep your business going, so let’s examine some insight as to the sales and marketing component.

As you create anything to do with sales and marketing, telephone pitches, brochures, write-ups for your website, anything at all, keep in mind that its primary objective is to create sales. I have come across many a beautifully arranged website, leaflet or other such advertisement where the business owner uses flowery language to describe a subject most interesting to him or her.

This business owner fails to make a sale because he writes text that is merely descriptive of what he does instead of writing text that will focus on getting a customer to buy.

To strengthen the messages you send out to customers through the internet, mail and other advertising media, you must acquire the persuasive skills required to influence prospective customers.

Learn how to color your words with persuasive language; communicate from the perspective of the prospect’s benefits; and, apply other tactics used by the most successful sales professional. You will find helpful information on some of the above techniques in the free resource that I have made available in my resource box below.

When you sharpen your persuasive skills, you will greatly increase your ability to sell your products and services. Use the many resources available to you to increase your sales, keep your customers loyal and make your business successful.

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