Greetings fun-seekers and brain lovers! I want to tell you about a profound realization I've had and I hope it saves you from going through what I've gone through.

Whenever you fly, you hear the safety instructions and they tell you, if the oxygen masks come down, make sure you put on your own mask before you try to help anybody else.

I realized that as a doctor, I wouldn't be able to help anybody else unless I took care of myself first.

Now when I give a seminar or doctors ask me to consult with them, the first thing I tell them is "Take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others."

A doctor has to be physically, emotionally and financially healthy to be in a position to help anybody else.

I've had the stresses of financial burdens and worries, and I know how they can overwhelm you.

I've had serious health issues and wasn't able to do anything until I solved that crisis.

I've been in situations where I was extremely unhappy, and I had to move to other areas before I could be productive and helpful.

The reason you became a doctor in the first place was because of your desire to serve and to make life better for others.

So remember - put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

The only way you can help others is to take care of yourself first.

Author's Bio: 

I am a board-certified psychiatrist in California with a background (past lives?) in neurosurgery, neurology, and psychopharmacology. Because I'm so far out of the mainstream, I'm known as "The Renegade Doctor!" I'm a cash-only doctor now. No insurance will pay for the level of treatment I give. I love my patients and want only the best for them. I don't do a lot of psychotherapy -- I refer to the experts on that. But I am a strong proponent of Emotional Freedom Technique. I combine it with some of the other therapy modes I've studied and have my own hybrid type of therapy that brings me good results. I've also got a seminar coming up for physicians interested in learning to have a better life for themselves, working less, and making more money!