Any parent that is aware of the effects of stress from a number of factors and why upon taking a vacation it may be difficult to relax if a person is used to the stress load draining their adrenal function. If the adrenals area used to a certain output of the cortisol hormone and others then the absence of stress creates a demand for the person to still have some event or factor that creates the mental and biological state through emotions usually or other means such as injury that is the demand meeting the supply of hormones gone wrong that the body is accustomed to putting out. The pun is does a person want to whore themselves plugged into a program that includes the same channel or events that through the stress effects create a demented state of coping (demented defined as temporary lack of rational or productive decision making due to emotionalism that eventually passes). Demented keeps the person from being able to be in a consciously clear and aware state to make constructive decisions that would eliminate a life situation creating challenges that are processed as stress.

Children of parents challenged with the above become may become accustomed to living in a stressful environment that though parents may do their best to protect them from choices in activities away from school may effect the school performance of a child. Violence on television and in video games gives children an adrenalin rush; speedy car chases and joystick madness revs up the nervous system. So if a kid can't sit still at the dinner table it is not the kids' fault if the little observer is wired and over revved up. Sitting still at school is a very different kind of focus requirement that the nervous system and biochemistry of the child will reveal if it is possible in the same manner that the stressed vacationing adult's ability to relax is. Content and subject matter are therefore important to consider for the consumption of entertainment by children especially during the early developmental years of growth and brain development. ADD diagnosed as a trend from electronic kids getting hyper and inattentive with drugs sometimes being recommended as treatment may be avoided with better decision making by the parents.

So some guidelines for choosing some tv and video content that may be useful are educational or entertaining without too many chills and thrills till they are in their teen years and can be educated by the parent about how the programs affect their system so that they may make an informed choice without being lectured and staring at the wall. Video games that have an educational or problem solving component and are a greater choice and may enhance some brain development. Parents writing to the video game companies and asking that a neuroscientist or other cognitive learning expert be involved in reviewing the games for brain learning and motor safety ensures change. Basic supply and demand law of wielding the cash; they don't have the product you want to purchase you may tell them you won't buy what is offered. Likely the next generation will thank enlightened and informed parents.

This part the child may read:

Advanced Quantum Mind Management FOR KIDS:

When you read highly educational information if you feel sleepy here is why: the big I using the fast brain with the soul that says, "wow! eureka! I have so much new stuff to map in the whole brain. That one half a page I read of some new information is way cool! I have to put my body to sleep to work on that new mapping of becomeing more consciously aware as a whole being making that gap between the big I and the little I. So it's OK if you are sleepy and make the read a little longer each time to build up the stamina to absorb more so your soul becomes better 'flexed' to map information that affects your whole body. It's like playng soccer or tennis: your soul needs the mind flex also or it gets bored and runs you into annoying behavior so someone engages you and gives in to you to find something for you to do that excites your soul! If they don't kids get more and more frustrated. That's all it means. So learn that your soul needs that stimulation that allows it to map the whole brain taking care of the body with really high level information. That is the secret of great health and from what you feed your soul! Now if the school day did not have enough of what you needed ask yourself; how do you feel? Then Moms stuff is alwyas there to remember and also educational books, (games not too long on the ones if you don't learn more than coordination and dimensional following of objects). Dimensions math site is great; it uses the same moves your soul knows to build the body and reality on some pages! Feed the soul and you will build a super brain for your big I to use.

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