One thing that amazes me the most is how so many people live their lives everyday under a dark, looming cloud of worry and anxiety. The worst part is many have accepted this as the norm.

Nothing good has ever come about as a result of worrying about a situation. No answer has ever come from being anxious about a problem. Albert Einstein let us know that we will never get an answer to a problem as long as we are still in the same state of mind we created the situation in.

Faith is the Answer!

The antidote to worry is and always has been faith. However, knowledge is a very important key that has to be present before anyone of us can move from worry to faith. Faith is belief based on concrete knowledge that a situation is going to work out for our good. Worry on the other hand is unwarranted fear that a situation is going to go wrong.

There is a great acronym that gives us the truest definition of what fear is. Fear is nothing more than Faults, Evidence, Appearing, Real. Fear is always the result of a lack of or incorrect information. When the right information is introduced into any situation we are better able to understand what is happening and remove the worry caused by fear.

One thing we all need is a clear understanding of the fact that we are created to be creators and not regurgitators. What that means is we have the ability to have original thoughts and ideas and not just rehash what has already been done.

Weather you believe it are not we are creators and we are creating all the time. Every conscious thought that is accompanied with strong emotion has the power to be manifest in our reality. This is why we are seeing many of the things that we do not desire showing up in our life. We have given many hours of thought and strong emotions to things that we do not desire and the Law of Attraction is delivering them without fail.

The Birth Place of Things

Our thoughts are the birth place of all things. Everything that exists in our reality first existed as a thought. Everything that is seen was created by things that do not appear. We have to be very careful with were we allow our thoughts to go. If we entertain thoughts of worry we literally attract to ourselves more situations and things to worry about. The direct opposite is true also. If you choose to think on things that are of good report, of virtue, that deal with the truth, things that are praise worthy, you will begin to see more of these kinds of things showing up in your reality. You can never attract health while worrying about sickness and you will never attract wealth while considering what you lack. Your thoughts of sickness have the power not only to attract sickness but to literally erode the state of health that you currently have. Your thoughts of lack not only have the power to attract more lack, but also to diminish the finances that you have.

Your Choice

With this truth does that mean that we will never have to experience bad situations if we only think of the things we do desire? Of course not! But I can promise that the more you think the thoughts that are in agreement with what you desire the less worry and frustration you will have to deal with.

Mental Trips

To worry or to have anxiety you have to go there in the mind. You are either pondering a situation of the past or you are fretting over what you believe will happen in the future. When you tell people not to worry they may say, "I'm just being real about this situation". When people hold to this type of thinking they are only rooting themselves deeper in the reality of their present dilemma.

Changing Directions

If you desire to change what you are going through and what you will experience in the future you have to understand that your thoughts have brought you to where you are and a change of mind will be the only thing that can change your situation.

The only thing that hinders us from experiencing what many call miracles on regular bases is our limited belief and lack of self-worth. Like unbelief, worry is a state of mind. Your state of mind literally has the power to stop the good that would come to your life to change your current situation.

We are the only creatures in the universe that possesses the Godlike power of shaping our reality with the power of our thoughts. The key is for us to learn how to do this deliberately and not by default. Then will we be able to see that there is really nothing or no thing worth worrying about.

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