Before I started writing, coaching and performing my juggling gig, I ran in the home business/MLM world. It was great. Exciting. Loved it. Did pretty well too. I still get my residual check years after walking away from the business.

There were lots of dead bodies on the side of that road.

The problem? It was difficult to get unvarnished truth.

There are agendas at work. The company had its agenda. The upline had its agenda.

Everyone has their own agenda. It's always that way. There's nothing wrong with that. I have MY own agenda. I want you to buy my products and services.

There are very few out and out "liars" in the industries in which we work, especially if you're an on line or home business presence of some sort.

People get excited, often because they see something that they can hitch their wagon to.

They feel good. Excitement is generated. The leaders speak. And the foot soldiers bring the message forth.

I did it back in the beginning with my first MLM. I got excited.

I created good.

And I created harm. Not intentionally. And no more than most of us do in our everyday lives anyway.

Plus everyone's responsible for their own destiny. Let the buyer beware.


What people want - and will they'll pay for - is someplace where they can feel good. Authentic, right, inspired, secure.

They want truth. They're starving for it. Not truth as in the opposite of lies. Truth as in this, "feels right."

Sure, a few hucksters will want to get rich and won't care about the dead bodies. But those are the three percenters. I'm not aiming toward them. The Universe has a funny way of dishing out justice to those whose intentions are malicious.

People - including the leaders - want truth. Something they can align themselves with.



Someone like me.

Someone like Kim Desantis.

Someone like Mary K. Weinhagen.

Someone like Marcy from Maui.

Someone like Wayne Dyer.

Someone like Deepak Chopra.

Someplace where the way is clear, even if the path is sometimes murky. Hey, we'll figure it out together!

Trust your instincts.

Get quiet when you look at any "opportunity" whether it's for personal development, a new ice cream flavor, business opportunity, or real estate agent.

Your better angels - the ones that operate from a place of love rather than a place of insecurity - will tell you where to go.

Just learn to tune into them.

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Larry Hochman helps individuals and groups break through self-imposed limitation and achieve success in business, careers, relationships and happiness. He is a long-time educator, counselor, author and entertainer. He founded the innovative Juggle To Success and Guidance Guy seminars. Get Larry's FREE 30 Day Joy and Happiness Course at