Reading book on the bed or on the seat is my traditional custom. I love sitting in the shine and enjoy a book with a cup of tea on the hand. This is really a pleasing thing. But sometimes I will also meet with some difficulties while reading, such as:

1)Read book far into the night when needed---- sleepy;
2)After a meal, especially a rich meal and I am engorged ---- sleepy;
3)Working or using computer for a long time , for example, 3 hours, and I am tired --- sleepy;
4)When I am worrying about something --- cannot calm down;

In such situations, I will feel sleepy, nervous or perturbed. I cannot be absorbed in reading,thus the efficiency is low. More time spend while low efficiency gotten makes me more nervous or sleepy, and at the same time, rhinitis which I have suffered from for a long time seems more serious so that I cannot breathe comfortably. You can see, this is a vicious circle. Even in my waking state, I still cannot read a book for a long time with high absorption. Of cause, I know the time period a man can be absorbed in something is limited, but I do have some experiences that I can read a long time with high efficiency, at least, I hope I will improve myself in reading for a longer time.
I recall that I have read very well only in two situations: one situation is when I am in library or bookstore; the other is the book is so interesting that I cannot help completing it. But unfortunately, the latter is seldom. The former is always the best experience, whenever I am in such an situation, I feel quiet and eager to reading. What is the difference? I remembered that every time I went to library or bookstore, I always reading in stand posture. Wow, is it?

From last night, I can enjoy high-efficiency reading again. I read two scientific articles from 11 pm to 1 am in a good state, and when the clock informed me the time was late, I had to close the articles and went to bed reluctantly. Can you image how cosey and pleased I was at that time? Just now, I have also read a book for an hour with high absorption. And there is another thing attracting me very much: I can breathe well, very well. During my reading period, both of my nostrils can breathe easily and comfortably.

To verify the result, I used two search engines (Google and baidu) to search the same examples. The result is satisfying. Many people have found the same results as mine. But unfortunately, I could not find some formal articles about healthy to verify this. But at least, for me it is a good way to improve my reading. In fact, I have found using standing instead of sitting can make me read fast, at least 10% improved. Of course, reading while standing can make us feel ache in our legs. To solve this, just standing against the wall and changing the barycenter to different leg for a short period.

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