What Do You Want Written On "Your" Ezines Tombstone?

By John Stafford

So you run an ezine and you don't want it to die, that's a
good sign. Today I'm going to tell you 3 ways to keep your
ezine from becoming an unread, unmarked grave in the
newest internet graveyard.

Personalize, You must stand out from the crowd

There are 330,000+ ezines on the net right now. Alot of
these are marketing in nature. So if you want to get read,
the best way to do it is to put a little bit of yourself
into your ezine.

Don't be afraid to tell them a few personal details or how
you're feeling at the given moment. This could be as simple
as a small editorial section at the start of every issue.

Try and write your own content some of the time

It's okay to use other peoples articles in your newsletter.
You can't be an expert in everything all of the time. To
separate yourself from the clones though, every once in a
while write your own issue and treat your subscribers to
something you've learned that can benefit them.

Try this, right now think of something you've picked up
and write a small article on it to share with your list.
Don't worry, this will get easier the more you do it.

Go easy on the ads and offers

I know it's tempting, you hear about so many people making
thousands of dollars with their own ezines and you want to
cash in right?? This is natural but keep in mind that these
are real people on the other side and they want to learn
something from you of value.

So go light on the classified ads and solo offers, think
how you feel when you read an ezine that has 12 ads and
mails you every other day.

If you've been struggling with your ezine lately guys apply
the above 3 steps and you should start to see new life. It
won't be easy but if you're going to make an ezine make it
worth the read. Like anything that you have to work at,
it'll be worth many times your effort in the long run.

When you're ready, go ahead and shoot me an e-mail, I'll be
your newest subscriber!

© 2002 by John Stafford

Author's Bio: 

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