We need to protect our children, be they a day old or eighty. We have the information and the ability. We now need the courage and the heart.
To begin this protection, we must begin with ourselves. The co-creation of a child is the blending and harmony of two unique systems of DNA, chemistry, biology, history, attitude, personality, and soul. Each parent is as important as the other in the formation of the promise we call child. The act of this creation was meant to be a coupling of two hearts, minds, and spirits, a sacred union that allows us to know we are an essential component of Earth and life. The child will become a part of a society, a culture, a global community, an absolutely integral part of a process we call living.
Mothers-to-be will often consult a physician who will promptly put them on synthetic pre-natal vitamins and may or may not prescribe other medications such as anti-depressants, pain relievers, or bronchial dilators. But what about the drugs, drinks, and food the parents ingested prior to conception? And why is it that prospective parents of any age can perform long-term financial planning, but can’t or won’t perform long-term health planning prior to this creation?
Every drug, every tainted glass of water, every shower in unhealthy water, and every negative intention becomes and remains a part of our DNA and our chemistry. Our minds hold the energy of every moment, our hearts the vibration of every emotion, and our organs the frequency of all chemistry. All of these things are transferred during the act of creation.
So now what do we do? We messed up in high school or college and got in with the wrong kind of people. We drank too much, experimented with drugs, and weren’t educated about proper nutrition. We didn’t want children, but gave in to emotions or what we perceived as our own physical need. Fortunately, it’s not too late. One of the greatest gifts we have been given as human beings is the ability to change. Our minds, beliefs, diets, and lifestyles are able to find the right path if we allow it, and when we find that path, our entire being, and the energy within it, will change as we direct it. The challenge is making people understand how integral and important they are in the creative process so they have the will to change, and then providing the tools for that transformation.
Both parents need to avoid all of the vaccines we have already spoken about while regulating their diet, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and preparing their minds. Sex is not a toy or a game. The sexual act was intended to be a positive experience of co-creation with God.
Within two weeks of the sperm meeting the egg and the journey to the womb, this new human has absorbed all of the energy of both parents. This one-cell zygote in week two has 23 chromosomes from each parent ,each of these containing genetic information that will determine the baby’s sex, eye and hair color, height, and to some extent, personality, and intelligence.
In the fourth week, the baby’s brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs begin to form. Since every organ and system in the body will have some brain cells within them, it is important that the energy emanated from our minds during conception is a positive and loving vibration, not guilt or fear or damaged by mind-altering chemicals.
By the fifth week, the heart and circulatory system have completed a full circuit and the heart begins to beat. All chemicals, nutrients, and indeed, memories, are now being circulated throughout this tiny being. Though it is the mother who harbors this tiny soul, fathers need to realize that their ideas, thoughts, reactions, attitudes, and emotions are all being transmitted during this development.
Go back to your inner child. If Dad conveyed the energy that he didn’t want children, but Mom got pregnant, your inner child could spend a lifetime believing you were never loved or wanted by your father. If Mom was careless with the drugs she took, your body has spent countless years trying to rid itself of the consequences. If there was anger or fear during your conception, you may have experienced anger or fear all your life without understanding why. If you haven’t done the work to deal with these issues, your inner child will constantly let you know. If you haven’t forgiven and moved forward in life with love, your inner child will convey this to your baby. If both of you haven’t cleansed the body prior to pregnancy, your new baby has to work twice as hard to begin its life with a fighting chance for survival.
Parents need to prepare themselves for pregnancy in all ways so that the children we reproduce are not reproductions of our mistakes. Many causes of childhood disease begin prior to conception. Forget the cures. Begin with both of you.
By the time your baby is ready to join the human world, the mother should know if she intends to breast feed. Breast-feeding, especially in the first six weeks of life, is important, as many immunities are passed from mother to child. A baby’s immune system takes time to develop, so this becomes an important protection. Most cultures frown on babies being exposed to public places and multiple environments prior to their third month of life because the immune system is so vulnerable. How often do we see tiny babies being carted around supermarkets, playgrounds, and chlorinated swimming pools? How often are babies prescribed antibiotics or antihistamines because of early ear infections or respiratory distress? Many American babies have yeast infections before their third month of life because of chronic illness treated with antibiotics.
The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs everything in our environment. Toxic air and water, chemically laden lotions and soaps, dirty or germ-covered hands, all tax the immune system. Keep your baby with you. Install a water purification system in your home so you drink, bathe, and cook in healthy water. Use an essential oil diffuser to rid the air in your home of mold, fungus, and bacteria. Don’t plug in an air freshener and think this is the same as cleaning the air. Don’t use cheap essential oils, but rather therapeutic grade oils. If you are breast-feeding, know that processed foods and sugars will affect your baby. He or she may already have allergies to things you are eating, especially if you weren’t so conscious of your diet prior to conception. Remember that you have reproduced yourself, and that lineage goes back at least seven generations. If Grandma had an allergy to fish because of colon problems, you or your baby may have difficulty when you eat tuna.
A client came to me with a two-month-old son who was constantly crying. She was in tears as she tried to explain all the things she had done to change so her baby would be healthy. No matter what she did, her son didn’t seem happy and his constant crying, especially after feeding, was breaking her heart.
I took him in my arms and quietly listened to his energetic complaint. I asked her about her diet and she was adamant that she was eating well. She got more specific about her menu and mentioned spaghetti and peanut butter. I told her he might not be happy with those food choices, that the spaghetti sauce was too acidic for him and that he might have an adverse reaction to peanuts and peanut butter. The baby in my arms stopped crying in an instant and seemed to smile, as if he had finally communicated his problem and a resolution was at hand. The mother was now the one crying. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t able to communicate with her son better so she could have removed those foods from her diet.
As she took her now peaceful son back into her arms, I assured her that her spiritual and emotional connection to her child was very powerful, so much so that her son had guided her to communicate the problem and that he knew she would hear the answer. The sacred connection between mother and child was there and strong. She only needed to listen.
Your baby has been born and you have fought the authorities against vaccines. You’ve done the personal work necessary to help your creation begin a healthy, happy life. Now the real journey begins.

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Rayna is a Holistic Health Consultant, the author of Forget the Cures, Find the Cause, Books I and II, and the host of the Holistic Health Hotline on podomatic.com