This is one of my most important talks because it centers around a commonly misunderstood and ominous topic. Spiritual bankruptcy is potentially terminal for the person with the problem, and it can also destroy the lives of people around them. Everyone, including and especially the person devoid of spirit, tends to be unaware of and in denial of the situation. A treating physician who questions and focuses on the physical health of the individual will misdiagnose, mislabel and mistreat the patient. Healing is thwarted.

Spiritual bankruptcy is a large problem, particularly for women in western cultures. Seeded early in childhood, it is reinforced repeatedly throughout life by conflicting family behaviors and social expectations. Over time, the woman finds it harder and harder to function. It just takes too much energy. She starts to develop symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, and irritability. Tests and Doctors can't seem to pin-point a diagnosis. Her symptoms are treated with multiple medications including antidepressants with little or no success.

It is important to remember these women do not have a psychiatric disorder. They have a love deficiency that has spiraled out of control. They need an awakening - a way of understanding the cause of their pain and the steps they can take to eliminate it. Writing this article is one small way I can help facilitate that awakening by sharing with others the symptoms and causes of spiritual bankruptcy based on my own personal experiences over the past two and half years in Peru and Nepal.

Author's Bio: 

My name is John Querci and I am an Emergency Room Physician and Medical Director at an Emergency Department in a city in North Western Pennsylvania.

Two and one-half years ago I decided something was missing in my life. I had it all -- good health, good friendships (or so I thought), a good job, and all the material trappings of a successful life. Then, through a series of totally unpredictable events, I began an unprecedented journey. That journey is being detailed in a book I have just started to write called "My Journey Into the Unknown -- Into Myself". It is basically a tale of self-discovery and emotional wellness, one that ends up unwinding the essence of life.

The essence of life is love. Not the traditional lust we sometimes feel for others in Western relationships, but self-love. Self-love is the foundation that enables us to give to others without strings being attached. Others being all the people in this world we live in and even more so, all the people who are emotionally suffering, who want to stop emotional pain and promote emotional wellness because of their lack of self love.

Writing this article is one small way I can help facilitate that awakening by sharing with others the symptoms and causes of spiritual bankruptcy. Please visit my website at to see the extended version of this article. You may also participate in my blog, sample my series of inspirational CDs, or see more articles.