Why are many so many types of protein in the market?

Do the different proteins do different jobs?

Do the Proteins breakdown in the same way?

Have you ever wondered why some people never gain muscle even though they seem to live in the gym? Could they be taking the wrong protein?

If you go into a store to buy a can of protein you will find many protein formulas to choose from. You may ask; why shouldn't I just buy the cheapest? Instead of asking about price, ask about how well that protein will get you to your goal.

Not all proteins are created equal.

Different proteins breakdown at different times; what is best to fill you up during the day isn't best right after a workout.

Right after a workout you want quick digesting protein that will repair muscle quickly. Max Muscle's Iso-Extreme is a great formula for quick recovery from those muscle blasting workouts. Your recovery will be so much easier because over 1/4 of Iso-Extreme being made of anti-catabolic Branch Chain Amino Acids. Since Iso-Extreme digests in less than 2 hours it makes a perfect addition to your after workout anabolic arsenal.

Max Muscle's High 5 is a proven blend of 5 of the best proteins available to create a time-released formula. Why use a time release formula? To keep your anabolic engine running you need extra protein in between meals. High 5 delivers protein in different cycles starting immediately and lasting up to 4 hours.

High 5 gives you a steady dose of highly anabolic amino acids that are rebuilding your muscle for hours & hours instead of running through your gut too quickly. With Glutamine as an added bonus you will absorb those aminos better and recover faster.

High 5 is designed to give you a filling sensation that will help you keep you calorie count in check. We are all looking for an appetite suppressant without side-effects. High 5 can provide pre-op Bariatric patients with a full feeling without the calories.

Max Muscle's Maxpro protein uses easily digestible amino acids. Maxpro has a lot Nitrogen in it. Nitrogen is one of the most important parts of protein production. You are building more muscle when you have more protein coming in than going out. If more nitrogen goes out than comes in you are in trouble because you are breaking down too much muscle.

Max Muscle's Triple Whey Protein is an economical way for you to increase your protein content each day. Max Muscle added the muscle protecting amino acid L-Glysine to fortify your anabolic recovery.

Max Muscle's Triple Whey is unique because enzymes that aid in muscle recovery and digestion are included. You will not find these ingredients in similar protein formulas. Triple Whey has a high amount of muscle repairing BCAAs.

Protein powders are NOT all created equal. Using the right protein is the best way to keep you anabolicly growing.

Author's Bio: 

NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach
2007 Muscle Beach Venice CA 165 lb Powerlifting Champ
2007 San Diego Deadlift Overall Champ