If you turn on the television news these days, you will not have to wait long for someone to tell you that we are living in difficult and uncertain times. The global economy is struggling, there are continuing conflicts between leaders and countries, and now there is even a flu named after a pig that has health organizations on high alert. There certainly is no shortage of reasons for fear and doubt to creep into our most personal thoughts. Have I done enough to protect my family? Will I still be living in my home this time next year and, if not, is it completely my fault? Why am I not strong enough to battle these tough times without feeling depressed? Let’s be honest and acknowledge that, even without current events to add fuel to our self-doubt fire, we entertain inner questions that plague our minds and our spirits. Please know that these negative thoughts do not have to win the battle.

While inner conflict and self-doubt are not reserved for one gender or the other, women seem to carry this burden with a particular heaviness. We spend so much time and energy wondering if we are sufficient as wives, lovers, mothers, professionals, and the myriad of other titles that we wear every day. How many women have discovered that their partner has been having an affair and their first reaction has been, “What did I do wrong? How could I have prevented this from happening?” Can we begin to count the number of women who look in the mirror every morning and detail the many ways in which they just do not measure up? All of us need to start nourishing ourselves so that we can transform into beings that accept and thrive on love and beauty.

Please know that not making the decision to change and welcome more positive energy into your lives affects more than just your outlook and mental state of being. Inner conflict can lead to depression, which then has serious effects beyond mental well-being. You likely will experience a physical toll on your body, ranging from lethargy to nervous energy to simply an outlook of apathy towards your overall health. The need to focus on your own transformation into one who experiences self-love and fulfillment stems from the yearning of mind, body, and soul. Do not underestimate the power you have to produce a comprehensive change to the quality of your life.

How is this change possible? First, decide that you are worth at least the exploration of how to make things better. Once your mind is open to this prospect, simply start the process by grabbing a piece of paper and writing down what you love about yourself. This initial exercise will set you on a path that, through practices centered on deep breathing, relaxation, and inner focus, soon places you in a position of self-love and positive energy. If you are ready to become the fulfilled person you have been yearning to discover, decide today to take that journey’s first loving step.

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Shayn Cutino is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her new book, The Anja Technique, teaches a step-by-step technique towards achieving self-love and a more positive life. For more information, please visit anjawellness.com