Like in kickboxing, sticking to sales basics can help even the most introverted or most reluctant salespeople stay focused. Whether it is a side kick, front kick or knee thrust, all kicks require focus and attention. Isn’t that just perfect for a salesperson who tends to be reluctant at some point in the sales process? Here’s how to kick your selling into high gear with some basics from this kickboxing metaphor.

1. Look toward the direction of the kick.
Be an advocate for your customer. The best way is to ask questions and listen. Discover the customer’s wants and needs, then be sure your words reflect this more than what you want to say about yourself, your product or your company.

2. Visualize kicking your heel through your target.
What exactly is your goal as you move through the sales process? When you call someone for the first time, isn’t your goal to get the crucial initial appointment? After you have their attention, when is it best to give them the presentation? As you move along further, might they want references? And are you always listening to handle any concerns? Each point of the sales process has a goal to focus on.

3. Keep your knees loose.
Stay flexible. If you discover your customer is a quick decision maker, adjust your timing. If find out someone needs time to think things through, it may mean adjusting to a slower pace.

4. Kick height is not important.
It’s just not true that you have to be the biggest, the newest, the oldest etc. Build your sales relationship by providing many opportunities for your potential client to know like and trust you. People buy from people who they know, like and trust.

5. Pivot the supporting heel to work the entire body.
Early on, particularly in business to business sales, find out who are the influencers, stakeholders and decision makers. All these parties may need to hear what you say in some part of the sales process.

6. Lean the opposite direction from the kick.
Concerns and objections are part of selling. Identify the most common ones and how to answer them. If one is new to you, consider asking your potential customer “What makes that important to you?” and you may uncover the real concern.

Overall in exercise, with correct form you burn calories, firm and tone your body. As a salesperson if you follow these tips to stay focused and help a customer buy instead of being more concerned about selling something or anything, your selling will be easier and give you more results.

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