If you sell and want inspiration from Broadway, The Sound of Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein has just the song to sing along for sales confidence. One of the songs in the play which debuted on Broadway on November 16th, 1959 is I Have Confidence. By doing a review of just six phrases in the song, anyone in sales will have what they want to do and what they don’t want to do to build confidence in all your selling conversations.

“Oh I must stop all these doubts, all these worries.”

The thing about stopping doubts and worries is that they continue to roll around in the deepest corners of your mind at times, don’t they? Stop it! When you hear a doubt or worry, turn it right around to it’s opposite. For example, you think, “I’m not sure they’ll want to talk with me,” as you pick up the telephone to follow up with a referral. Right at that moment, before you pick up the phone, stand up and think the opposite, “I’m sure if they have time. They’ll want to talk with me today, or at least we’ll schedule a date to do so.” Don’t go into any action with such negativity rolling around in the recesses of your mind. You’re setting yourself up for rejection that takes your confidence down a notch.

“If I don't, I just know I'll turn back.”

In selling if you don’t stop those doubts and worries, you’ll either voluntarily - or involuntarily – not find the success you want in sales. Let the confidence breakers get in your way of sales success and you sabotage your results. You cannot possibly approach a sales call without confidence and come out with a prospect, client or a sale. Find a technique or hire a coach to help you find a personal technique that will quickly dissolve your negativity and continue to build your confidence.

“I must dream of the things I am seeking, I am seeking the courage I lack.”

This focuses on the positive and is in tune with the philosophy of the Law of Attraction. What are those things you are seeking? To provide an answer to someone’s problems? To help a customer with their less than happy situation? To reach a personal goal? Whatever it is, dream it means to always be focused on it. Then summon up the courage to find comfortable marketing and sales actions to help you reach those dreams.

“But I'll make them see - I have confidence in me.”

Even better, once you have gained control over those doubts and worries, those anxieties and limiting beliefs, your confidence will be there. Foremost, you will feel it. And when you feel it that confidence can’t help but be seen by those around you.

With confidence, salespeople can get to the top of their career, their business or their earning power. Without confidence in play in daily sales and marketing actions, you could be singing the flats instead of the high notes of success.

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Patricia Weber, 20 years sales training and business coach helps introverts, shy and even reluctant to sell extroverts who want to accelerate their sales results! Get your free instant access to a 9-Session Audio Replay and Worksheets of Networking Secrets for Sales Reluctance.