What are a salesperson’s treasures? How do you find them? Treasures were found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt in November of 1922. These treasures had remained uncovered even after looters had stolen so much over the years. So what and how are the treasures that selling has for you? They’re found in the career, the prospect and yourself. What’s quite revealing is that introverts can be just as successful as they leverage some of their natural innate advantages. Let’s go to the selling treasure trove.

Treasures in the career of selling. In my early days of selling I had a manager who would often start a sales meeting touting, “Well, Tony wrote himself a terrific paycheck this month!” Clearly selling is the only career where you have the freedom to make your paycheck whatever amount you want by the actions you take or don’t take. Except for some greedy corporate executives who may take more than their fair share even when employees suffer, one of the most magnificent sales career treasurers is the freedom to make your own pay amount. Careful planning, strategic actions and a focus on the other person are key traits that introverts have to tap into the resulting treasure.

Treasures in the prospect and customers. There are both easy and difficult relationships in selling. Prospects and customers test you sometimes more than you care. They voice concerns, they say no, and they stall to make a decision, often times taking a slower walk to gaining commitment than you prefer. Introverts tend to nurture new relationships along slowly. And we learn along the way including how to improve ourselves. Yes, of course, the role of a salesperson is to sell and to get revenue results, it’s just that it goes along so much easier when you pace yourself to the prospect.

Treasures in yourself. Listening skills, planning skills, presentation skills, people skills; all these skills are key to sales success. Introverts will find that many of the skills necessary to achieve success are already innate within themselves. The training, the coaching, and the experience bring the not so natural up to par with those who have an easier time of selling. By incorporating these three aspects, you will also improve the most important communication skills to get along in business and in life! Additionally, you will achieve more success, your self-confidence grows and you will continue to influence more success.

King Tut’s tomb held a wealth of uncovered jewelry, statues, furniture and a collection of numerous items. These treasures pale in comparison to the treasure that can be found in selling. Finding the right coach along the way can unearth the treasures sooner for you. The treasure trove of the career, the relationships and your own success await for you from a career in sales.

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