Top salespeople have similar habits to collector car enthusiasts. A car collector or enthusiast can have what is referred to as a ‘daily driver,’ or an every day driving automobile. A ‘trailer queen’ car simply goes from a heated and air-conditioned garage to a trailer for transportation to a show. And the ‘trailer princess’ is the collector car that only gets driven on perfect weather days and is also transported via trailer, usually for shows. Salespeople who have a consistent flow of sales have a strategy that includes all three of these kinds of ‘cars’ in their pipeline.

Marketing long term consists of daily actions, just like a ‘daily drive’ auto is driven everyday. More effective results from marketing happen when you purposefully precede those actions with a ritual that puts you in a positive feeling state. Imagine talking with, or following up with, potential prospects and you are feeling frustrated or unsure in your stomach. Not so productive a call, is it? Well, you want to do something that gets you feeling confident before you dial their number. It could be something as simple as listening to some uplifting music or using the Emotional Freedom Technique. Nothing works the same for everyone, so the key is to find a ritual that affects you positively. Introverts and extroverts may totally different routes. Just like you wouldn’t take that daily driver out without first filling it with fuel, start every day of marketing in a happy positive state of mind.

To reach year-end sales goals requires a ‘trailer princess’ approach. If you have been stirring up interest in your products and services all year, then you have a ready-made sales pipeline to get those year-end results. But for some reason 80% of salespeople ignore the value in this previously driven ground. They keep marketing for new business and let old paths go cold. Even a ‘trailer princess’ gets out and about on the same path regularly. Plan, schedule, and act on a complete follow up system to more solidly and surely reach the finish line. Sales is, after all, a good deal about timing.

Don’t just sit there like a ‘trailer queen!’ You know what happens to collector cars that don’t get driven, or maybe even started up? They stop running! Belts dry out, gasoline goes bad, and tires rot. Do not be a salesperson with ‘trailer queen’ traits. If selling were easy, then more people would take it as a career path. Selling can be simpler however if you find the process that works for you. And don’t kid yourself; sales is a process. It brings together you and your products and services at the right time with buyers who happen to need that very thing to solve a problem or give them a solution. But you have to leave the ‘trailer’ (put your sales process in practice) and start to maintain a speed (reach for your goals).

Do you want a consistent flow of sales? Do you want to reach monthly and yearly goals? First, plan your sales process and second, act on your daily, monthly and quarterly activities regularly. Salespeople who do will find the finish line is within their reach for more sales results.

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