Sometimes the reason why a man finds himself in situations in which he perceives that women are rejecting him is because of his failure to expand his social circle and activities.
Doing the same things day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year tend to lead you to the same results with minimal change.
You are voluntarily putting yourself in a box that isn’t getting you what you want in the hopes that it eventually will even though in no way are you getting closer to what you want.
For the most part, when you do the same things and go to the same places you have met or at least been noticed by the majority of women there.
While it would be nice if women waited till their turn was up to reject you for the most part if a woman sees you long enough and you haven’t approached her yet, she will reject you to your inability to approach.
Unless you happen to be successful with women then she might be more than happy to wait even though too much success might turn off those who are left as well.
This is also why you will notice a greater amount of success or at least interest when you try something or somewhere new because you are unknown which is exciting until you prove otherwise.
In the end, expanding you horizon and trying new and different things is a great way to increase your chances of success at attracting women and getting what you want.

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