Do you have unwanted bull in your life? You know what I’m talking about: Those annoying people who want to control, dominate, and manipulate you for their own best interests.

Those people who love to get into power-struggles and arguments with you and you are left feeling depleted and frustrated. Those people who use, misuse, and sometimes even abuse you and/or your possessions.

Those people... do you have any in your life?

I have often said that engaging with these types of people is like trying to wrestle a bull: You won’t win, but once you’re in, you don’t want to stop either.

Would you like to know the secret of avoiding these bull fights?

It’s simple...become a master bull-fighter. Yes, you can become a matador of manipulation and mistreatment.

You often see it coming and know from past experience how these people are going to act. Do you really expect them to change? If you do, then you just set yourself up to be bulled over time and time again.

Isn’t enough enough??!!

The key is this: Invite the bull, but don’t engage with the bull. Like the matador, you must simply step out of the way and allow the force of the bull to carry itself past you. Think of it as verbal martial arts. Go with the flow and do not try to fight it or redirect it.

Bulls don’t listen and don’t like to be redirected. They like to stay on their path and try to trample over everything in their path. You must simply not get on their path.

Don’t tell them they’re wrong.

Don’t tell them what they should do.

Do try to convince them of reality.

And don’t try to help them.

Simply be the matador and allow them to go past you. The less you say, probably the better off you will be.

Besides, who wants more bull in their life? Not you, right??!!

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