In an age where luxury sometimes seems more valued than a good hard days work, each living being seeks ease and comfort in some form or fashion. Not only do people want to have an easy life, they want their pets to have a comfortable and easy life as well! People love their pets, and they desire for the best care possible to be provided for their precious pooch. Today, many dogs truly do live in the lap of luxury…due to their owner’s craving for elegance, quality, and comfort, in addition to their intense love for their pets!

The first luxury item that pets relish is a priceless abode that is all their own. Custom-made doggie houses are available for purchasing that specifically caters to your personal taste. These houses can be constructed in practically any fashion: English castles, southern mansions, classic North American log cabins, Spanish haciendas and even Italian villas! These houses will fit your dog comfortably and fashionably every time they are out in the backyard.

The next step of luxury for you pet is their bed. Most dogs have a doggie bed. But do they have a designer doggie bed? Some dog beds are constructed to be raised off the floor, shaped like a comfy sofa, or are simply fabulous and funky in style. Not only does the outside give a cause to pause, the interior of the bed is a completely different matter; some sport a feather interior, while others are filled with memory foam or orthopedic matter.

Of course, clothes and accessories are also a prominent form of luxury for people’s pets. Sweaters, coats, jackets, shoes and scarves are popular items, just to name a few. Just like people enjoy dressing up their children and making them look their best, they do the same for their pets. However, there is a practical side to dressing up your pup…in the winter at least. Some dogs do not have thick coats, so a jacket and warm booties may be necessary to keep Fido warm, happy and healthy during the wintry cold weather.

One of the most telling signs of luxuriant living is the life of spas and resorts. Fortunately for dogs, there are spas specifically dedicated to their every need! Though doggie spas are amazing, there is no reason why you can’t give your pup a day at the spa right at home! Special doggie towels can be easily purchased, and you can embroider the towel with their initials for added sophistication. You will want to start by running through your pup’s coat with a pre-bath de-matting concoction. This will help get out the tangles before they get wet. Then follow up with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Next dry your pup thoroughly and brush their coat until it shines. Finally, spray your dog with a scented spritz specially designed for doggies. They will simply love it!

Other luxuries available to pets include: travel agencies, pet carriers, car accessories, pet portraits (paintings and photographs), and pet insurance. People love their pets, and they want the best care possible for their best friend. Who doesn’t?

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