Massage can be effective to not only maintain health, but to even regain some functions that seem lost forever. One of the best prevention to most issues that Mature adults face is incorporating massage into their weekly regime.

Geriatric Massage can increase blood circulation, combat depression, improve balance and flexibility, reduce the pain of arthritis, increase joint mobility, improve posture and encourage overall well-being.

Massage gets you moving! Therapeutic massage stretches tight muscles and unlocks restrictions, restores motion to the body, so your body can move naturally, feel good and be well.

The effect of massage rests in the fact that it affects the whole body. It eases pain and reduces stress and that is why massage is more and more employed in the care of both well and the ill elderly. A growing number of health care plans now will reimburse for massage if it is prescribed by a physician or chiropractor.

Massage is not kooky-it is based on scientific principles. Even a gentle massage has a tremendous effect on general blood circulation and on the senior nervous system. These are the two body systems that are especially effected by aging. Massage stimulates these systems in a very natural way, so unlike most medications, there are no side effects.

In fact massage can enhance the effect of many medications because blood circulation is being stimulated. In many cases, regular massage (once a week) enables the physician to reduce medications. That is why a professional MT will ask permission to consult with your physician.

Massage is a very effective way to maintain health and even regain functions that were once thought lost forever! There have been documented cases where the application of massage has saved legs that were scheduled for amputation due to blockage of blood circulation. In fact there are hardly any age related conditions that can not be improved with a weekly half-hour massage, be it arthritis, myalgia, gait problems, recurring headaches, aching feet, of pain and stiffness in hip, knee and shoulder joints, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease and even diabetes.

According to a 1998 article in the New England Journal of Medicine, massage therapy is estimated to be the third most prevalent type of alternative medical treatment sought by Americans---following Chiropractic and relaxation techniques.

In many countries massage therapy is an integral and important part of the health care system, with massage therapists working alongside doctors. In China, medical doctors perform massage therapy on their patients.

The pain cycle starts when injury, poor posture and/or emotional stress causes the body to move differently and causing pain as the soft tissues try to adapt. Massage helps break the pain cycle by physically stretching and relaxing spasm and trigger points and reducing inflammation and swelling resulting in pain relief as well so motion can return.

Aging Baby Boomers do not want to stop "doing" as they age, and many will choose to seek and pay for goods and services that will help maintain an active lifestyle with age.

Massage therapy can help empower clients with common sense tools and knowledge which helps them to understand the role massage plays in helping people to move, feel, and be well.


Eisenberg, D, et al, "Unconventional Therapies in the United States: prevalence, costs, and patterns of use." New England Journal of Medicine, 1993 Jan 28;328(4):246-52.

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