Would you like parenting tips when your kids are on vacation and you're not? Inside you'll find some fun ideas to bond with your kids and build character too.

A few days ago I received a phone call from a child I didn't know. "Mom, can I go out and play?" The child sounded about 8 or 9. "You have the wrong number." I answered.

That call made me think of all the moms who work outside the home. Having been a working mom, vacations were always a concern to me. Was the teenage babysitter who was watching my boys playing with them or watching TV?

I had to fire one because that's just what he did. Another babysitter left a pot of burning beans on the stove. On the days I was free, I had so much work to do at home. 'What's a mother to do?,'I wondered

5 Parenting Tips When Your Children Are on Vacation and You're Not ~

I know you know you know these things:

Your kids are a gift.
They need your time and your love.
You are very busy.

Sometimes it's hard to think of fun things to do with kids when your mind is distracted with work, bills, and chores. Here are some easy things to do that will strengthen your bond, use your kid-time well, and have fun with them too.

Exercise together.
Play outdoor games. Baseball, hide 'n seek, catch, jump rope, and tag are easy to do, create excitement, and cause laughter.

Fix an easy lunch or dinner.
Call it a picnic, spread a blanket, and eat it outside together. Being in nature on a sunny day with someone you love creates warm feelings, simple conversation, and wonderful memories.

Put on your swim suits and play water balloons together.
Enjoy running, getting wet, and the feelings of excitement and joy.

Go on a nature walk.
Find little animal holes, collect unusual rocks or leaves, climb trees with sturdy branches. Sit and listen. Feel the sense of peace that only nature can offer.

Don't spend money. Do spend time.
You can't recover missed fun from the past. Pick berries for dessert. You can create fun times today.

Parenting Tips Conclusion ~

Fun times build character.Fun times bond your children more deeply with you and your values. Fun times build
the beautiful memories of tomorrow. Don't let your child say, "Mom never has time for me. She's always too
busy." You can find the time. I know you can.

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