Addiction can show up in many forms and is described as an obsession or compulsion towards abusing a substance such as alcohol, nicotine, drugs or even food. Psychological addictions are just as common and include addictions to video games, sex, gambling, work or pornography. People who are addicted often feel imprisoned by their obsessions and therefore unable to stop. But, there is a very effective addiction treatment known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT.

Overcome Feeling Powerless

As mentioned above, addiction sufferers often feel powerless and stuck when it comes to their addictions. The fear of not being able to cope without the substance and, feelings of deprivation often come to the forefront when someone tries to "kick" their habit. There are always underlying emotional reasons that drive the addiction, turning it into a vicious cycle. EFT can help to counteract underlying emotional drivers that addicts suffer.

Conquer Cravings

With substance abuse addictions, cravings can overcome someone who is trying to kick their habit. Addiction recovery is possible with EFT as both the physical and psychological components of the cravings can be defused. We do that by addressing the physical sensations, beliefs and attitudes that arise with the cravings by tapping on various acupressure points on the face and body.

Neutralize Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms for some addictions can be quite debilitating and range from sleep disturbances to shakiness and an inability to concentrate. These types of symptoms make quitting very uncomfortable because the addict is unable to function as they did before as they went through the withdrawal period. When successfully applied, EFT can effectively neutralize any physical withdrawal symptoms that surface.

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Laura Whitelaw is a Certified ZPoint and EFT-CC practitioner. If you want to learn more about Emotional Freedom Techniques, visit Healing Pain and Illness with EFT.