Have you ever questioned why you feel drawn to live your life within a certain manner? Do you often wonder why you feel close to some people and distant from others? The ancient science of Numerology deciphers the meaning behind your full certified name and your date-of birth numbers. By numbering your days, you too can unlock the door of your hidden self, tap into the mystery of prophecy, and relish the unknown possibilities waiting for you.
Best yet, the theory behind numerology is simple to grasp. There are no difficult formulas, or complicated terminologies to remember. All you have to do is add the numbers together until they collapse into a single digit.
Many numerologists believe that we reincarnate from lifetime to lifetime and that each number resonates a particular reward or fulfillment according to an individual’s karmic debt. For instance: The numbers 1 through 5 show that people are learning about their individual places on earth. The numbers 6 thorough 9 are at a higher frequency; they have a compassionate vibration. The master numbers 11 and 22 are the archetypes of the numbers 1 through 9; they show others the esoteric dimensions to life. The numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19 are frequently called Karmic numbers. They show where a person has to pay back his or her past debt.
I am not dismissing other numerologists’ beliefs. I consider the vibrations of the numbers 1 through 9 and the master numbers 11 and 22 different, yet essentially the same. And one number is not any more—nor any less—intellectually or spiritually advanced than another. Each numerical vibration is a path of experiences that empowers us to embrace a harmonic balance within ourselves, opening us to grace (God). And it is through this balance that we find the reverence connected to a given moment.
Furthermore, I do not feel that the life-path number, talents, abilities and adapting to outside influences holds the most important placement in a numerical profile. I am convinced the whole-name number, often called a personality and essence number, leads in the forefront. I make my conclusion on the fact that all decisions are made through one’s character and that is the only way one can uncover one’s truth. Let us begin by discovering the magic behind one’s name.


Your whole name, the essence of your character, sometimes called “expression” number—defines your characteristics and expresses how you choose to gather your strengths and weaknesses.
Follow the chart below. Print your full certified name (even if it was spelt wrong on your birth-certificate) then convert the letters to numbers. Add the numbers together until they reduce to a single digit, except for the master numbers 11 and 22.
After calculating you whole name to numbers, see general numerical behavior pattern vibrations. The sentence with the asterisk will help you broaden your character. Note the numbers missing from your name show you where there is a lack of perception. Throughout life you will need to exert an extra effort in order to find clarity under that particular vibration.
For example let’s suppose an individual has a missing number one. You feel doubtful. Your willpower withers in the face of pressure. This individual’s persona tends to allow others to take the lead or he or she tries to please others too readily. A cognitive effort on this individual’s part will help redefine the void attached to a number.

The alphanumeric chart breaks down the letters to as they appear in order. For instance, the letter A is the first letter in the alphbet. A is uner the numer 1. The letter J is the tenth letter in the alphbet. The number 10 collaspes to the number 1 (1 + 0 = 1) and so forth. Just in case, the alphanumeric chart does not come out clear. You could make your own by using the above formula.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


The life-path number describes your talents, abilities, career options and how you may draw upon those specific skills. The life-path number is often called “birth path or “star of destiny” number.
Calculating the life path number is easy. All you have to do is add the total sum of your birth month, day and year together and collapse the total to a single digit. Do not reduce the master numbers 11 or 22. It is best to add the numbers vertically to avoid errors. The general numerical behavior pattern vibrations will show you how to enhance the strengths of goals. Enjoy the promise reflected in your birth numbers.


Strength: You venture where others fear to tread. Under stress, you are able to discriminate and weigh the facts to achieve the best possible outcome.
Weakness: You become so egotistically absorbed that you lose track of reality.
Missing: You feel doubtful. Your willpower withers in the face of pressure.
Empower: Co-operation, humility and simplicity will bring you success and abundance. Follow through on your commitments.
`You will not appreciate success until you understand that your actions define you.

Strength: You feel a harmonious affinity toward others and provide everyone with a sympathetic ear. Loving gestures give you a positive outlook.
Weakness: You are gullible. When you feel insecure, you become smothering.
Missing: You lack empathy, and you may not understand why individuals easily dismiss their traumatic experiences.
Empower: Express yourself well. Appreciate life’s small pleasant surprises. Do not take your disappointments too seriously. Try not to become your own most severe critic.
`You will not feel you belong until you discover that you are as important as the people you cherish.

Strength Resources magically appear at your fingertips. Your communication and writing skills bring creativity to the media. People admire your ability.
Weakness: Your energy-level fluctuates between the extremes of optimism and pessimism.
Missing: You fear rejection and hesitate to broaden your creative sensors.
Empower: Learn how to attend quickly to your immediate needs. Stop making excuses, and take responsibility for your actions. When you explore your options or work toward a commendable cause, you add meaning to your life.
`When you overcome your self-doubt, you can move mountains.

Strength: You tolerate rejection with a noble smile and deal with your problems quietly, and without conspicuous display. Unpredictable events eventually work in your favor.
Weakness: You want things to look the way you feel they should look. You will not budge unless it suits you.
Missing: You break promises and run away from accountability. You give up before a goal can be revealed.
Empower: The degree you feel of life’s benefits depends on your openness. Try to stop worrying about the things you cannot change. Feel the wonder of a new day’s opportunity.
`You will not find contentment until you realize your self-worth.

Strength: You enjoy socializing. You are passionate, flamboyant and literary. Your mind is forever active. You are open and affectionate with those you admire.
Weakness: You secretly fear rejection. Jealously and envy can cast a shadow over your normally cheery mood. You interrupt a conversation in order to gather insignificant details.
Missing: You fear new experiences, lack flexibility and do not have sense of freedom. You have difficulty projecting how your thoughts and actions will develop.
Empower: Abstain from activities that counteract positive results. Pay close attention to your children’s needs. Life’s positive events manifest in strange ways.
`Until you know yourself, you will never know inner peace.

Strength: Your powers of persuasion are uncanny. You are deliberate and sincere. People respect your creative ideas. You do not tolerate inequity. Your life is interwoven with children and pets.
Weakness: While you are accomplishing a goal, you expect others to furnish you with constant attention and encouragement. You are prone to romantic illusions.
Missing: You dismiss your responsibilities. You alienate yourself from intimacy, and you can be unsympathetic.
Empower: When you express yourself with an honest conviction, your disappointments begin to vanish. Try to practice humility, become supportive of others and help the masses through charitable action.
`You will not find the fulfillment you seek until you are able to love others unconditionally.

Strength: You are a philosopher at heart. Throughout your life you seek knowledge. Your subconscious insights enhance your cognitive attributes.
Weakness: You become unrelentingly stubborn when you think you are right. You feel your ideas are important, but lack the energy to discipline yourself.
Missing: You do not back up your intuitive insights. If you are not willing to plan, you find yourself sacrificing love, money—and even your health.
Empower: Express your deepest feelings. Listen to your instincts: only you will be able to perceive what is best for you. You need privacy and large open spaces in which to rejuvenate your energy.
`You will not experience joy until you believe in yourself.

Strength: Your magnetism, passion and determination give you the ability to lead others effectively. No matter how you feel on the inside you plan on winning. Throughout life you inherit money and possessions.
Weakness: Everyone seems to get on your nerves. You dwell on the unhappy aspects of your life instead of seeing the brighter side.
Missing: Authority figures make you feel trapped. You think financial success will conquer your problems.
Empower: If you do not follow a straight narrow true path, negative situations re-occur. Try to honor the material possessions you already own.
`You will not grasp what happiness is until you recognize that others share your emotional needs and goals.

Strength: Your vivaciousness and natural curiosity enhances your leadership. You are wise, inspirational and generous with your time.
Weakness: You believe your own pessimistic judgments. You waste precious time on self-pity. You shrug community responsibility.
Missing: You convey understanding to others, superficially, in order to receive something in return.
Empower: You need to practice what you peach and practice your ability to be intuitive. Solutions to problems arrive when you take the time to relax.
`You will not feel blessed until you have helped others realize their goals.

Strength: Your energy level is powerful and magnetic. Your intuitive insights lift your spirit during hard times. You are your own best friend.
Weakness: You hide your insecurities by either being quiet or boastful. Being aimless or dishonest drains your otherwise good health.
Empower: When you practice spontaneity, you stop judging others. You see beyond the present and overcome obstacles that would normally become impossible to transcend. You cherish adventure, life’s drama and all mystical experiences.
`Happiness will elude you if you do not recognize life’s unexpected rewards.

Strength: You immediately see through people’s motives. Throughout life important financial transactions are featured.
Weakness: You feel your time is more important than that of others. You find it difficult expressing gratitude.
Empower: Show patience with yourself and others. Give honor and recognition to those you love. Express yourself even when you rather hide. Love perpetually surrounds you.
`Your presence gives people a spiritual lift and that returned energy gives you substance.


A personal year describes an individual’s exclusive trend. This potent timetable pinpoints one toward realization, success and how to prepare for the mysteries behind an up-coming trend. This exercise gives one the opportunity to see the influences connected his or her personal year.
The personal year is easy to calculate. Simply add your birth month, day and the current calendar year together. But before you calculate your personal year, you must understand when your personal year begins. For instance, generally, most numerologists calculate an individual’s personal year from the current calendar year starting January 1 through December 31.
I feel, however, that a personal year should be calculated from birthday to birthday—taking into account that it takes a full year to experience a personal-year vibration. For those individuals whose date-of-birth begins in January all you have to do is add your birth day, month and the current calendar year. Do not forget to reduce the total to a single digit, except for the master number 11 and 22.
Now the tricky part, the majority of individual’s date-of-birth lags behind a current calendar year, especially if a date-of-birth is toward the middle or end of the year. (Those individuals have yet to experience a full year.) For those individuals, add the birth month, day, and year from a previous birthday, and then reduce to a single digit.
Example Calendar Date: December 4, 2007 Add 12 + 04 + 2006 (Previous Year) = total 2023 Reduce 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7 Personal Year 7
Each the new personal-year trend shows you how to manifest a different view point. See the general behavior pattern explanation. They will give you the flavor connected to your personal year. The empower sentence will describe how to find yourself in a personal year. Enjoy your numerical story; in addition, share your story with a friend.

DORIS ANN BRIDGEHOUSE is a professional numerologist, healer, counselor and author. She has specialized in numerology and the metaphysical teachings for more than 30 years. Doris Ann has written A Complete Numerology Guide and Workbook, Doris Ann’s Tarot Handbook and Poems Reflecting Life’s Potpourri.

She is a co-host on Psychic Holistic Spotlight, seen on Cox Cable television. And she is a regular guest on a radio station in Brockton, Massachusetts. For more information, please contact web site

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Doris Ann has specialized in metaphysical and spiritual arts for thirty-five years. She is a numerologist, author, healer, lecture, and workshop leader. She blends her spiritual, psychic and intuitive skills with her knowledge to help people develop their hidden potential.

She is a co-host on the television program “Psychic Holistic Spotlight” and a regular guest on WXBR Radio 1406 Brockton. She has also been a guest on several radio programs. She wrote a numerology article in Rhode Island Health and Wellness Guide 2008. She was interviewed by Providence Journal staff writer Bryan Rourke: “To have and to hold on 7/07/07” and Your Smithfield Magazine writer Laurence Sasso, Jr.: “Taking Life by the Numbers.”

Currently she is writing “Searching Within” A spiritual Journey. She is also compiling a poster grouping of nature and life reflection picture/poems.
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