I first heard Aron Ralston's extraordinary storyapproximately 18 months ago when he appeared on the DavidLetterman show. It is without doubt the most "graphic"example I've ever seen highlighting a certain Wealthy Soulprinciple I have talked about over and over in my books andnewsletters. See if you can pick out what that extraordinary principle is hidden in this epic story:

Aron was hiking by himself in Utah's remote Blue John Canyonon April 27th, 2003. While traversing a narrow section ofthe canyon, a boulder fell from above and trapped his armagainst the canyon wall.

Though extraordinarily lucky he wasn't killed, his fate wasto begin dying an agonizingly slow death. No matter how hetried to extricate his arm, it remained hopelessly trapped,and no one knew he was there.

After six days, dying of dehydration and starvation and hisarm turning gangrenous, Aron, almost hopeless, does theunthinkable. Using his Swiss Army Knife, he begins cuttingthrough his arm in a desperate last attempt to free himself.

He survives the crude surgery but he's unsuccessful incutting through the bone. He remains trapped.

Aron then does something even more unthinkable.

Positioning his body in such a way to lever his arm, hethrusts his entire body opposite the fulcrum of his blood-soaked hand, purposefully breaking the two bones of hisforearm. In excruciating pain, he manages to use his roughblade to cut through the remaining muscles, tendons andsinew to finally amputate his arm and free himself.

Miraculously, he survives this extraordinary accident, andlives to tell the story in his best selling book, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place."

Now, here's the all-important question:

Beyond whatever horror or fascination you may haveabout this unforgettable story . . . what revelationdoes it secretly contain which may give you a newperspective on whatever challenges YOU are facing?

And one more question:

What crucial lesson is lying hidden in AronRalston's incredibly valiant act which can inspireyou to achieve greatness in whatever you endeavor inYOUR LIFE?

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